How To Make Money On YouTube in Nigeria Keyan Ghana 2021

How To Make Money On YouTube in Nigeria Keyan Ghana 2021


Do you want to make money online on YouTube, if yes then you are welcome in the right place. Make money online with YouTube is a great idea for video creators.


You can actually make alot of money from home with YouTube monetization on your channel. But you will need to reach some milestone for a great success.

YouTube is the second most popular website in the world behind Google, alot of people watch video on YouTube every minutes.

It has over 1.5 billions daily visitors. So it’s one of the best free online money making platform.

In this article I will show you how to make money on YouTube for free even without creating videos by yourself,


you can actually make alot of money on YouTube without creating any video before that, let me show you how to start making money on YouTube, what are the requirements, and how to get monetize in less than 30days. I will show you all this secrets with proofs.

How to make money on YouTube in 2020

  • 1. Create your YouTube channel use your existing Google account
  • 2. Choose an easy name for your channel and write about your channel in the about page
  • 3. Now choose a niche that you need to focus on.. e.g entertainment, news or technology topics
  • 4. Make a video with screen recorder and use KINEMASTER pro app to edits it.
  • 5. Upload your video on YouTube
  • 6. Get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours
  • 7. Apply for monetization with adsense in your account page

Now this are just method for a beginner in YouTube, I will detailed more on how to get fast YouTube subscribers and how to monetize your channel in less than one month or 30days.


This method has been tested by us and slightly working base on hot niche.

How to monetize your channel in less than 30days

I will show you how to monetize your channel fast and great tricks you need to use.

  • 1. Look for some popular social media videos you can find it on Facebook Instagram or Twitter
  • 2. Download the video using any app downloader for Facebook or Instagram
  • 3. Now use KINEMASTER Pro to edit the video change the voice sounds, add more effects and make it yours add your channel logo at top of the video.
  • 4. Export the video and upload to YouTube choose a good title and description get more keywords with YouTube search suggestions, for example try to search on YouTube and immediately you will see some suggestions, use those suggestions queries as a keywords and add it in the description and tag section of your video
  • 5. Now use PicsArt GOLD to design a perfect thumbnail for your video and add it to your video edit thumbnail with YT Studio apk
  • 6. Wait for your video to boost

After you applied these steps your video will boost and get more views base on your niche.

How to get fast YouTube subscribers in less than 30 days

I’m going to show you a good easy method to get alot of YouTube subscribers for your channel, These methods is the best you need to apply.

You will need a tool like subscribe to unlock this content you may paste the link anywhere like website or description of your YouTube videos

  • 1. Signup for a sub2unlock account
  • 2. Create a locking contents link
  • 3. Add your YouTube channe link as the page visitors need to subscribe before they will be redirected to locked link such as a DOWNLOAD link
  • 4. Once you get more visitor that click on your sub2unlock link you will get subscribers. Note that to be able to get clicks on your sub2unlock link, you will need to use DOWNLOAD mod apk games link shorten the link with sub2unlock and put the link on your website or another channel for mod games
  • 5. After applying this method your subscribers will grow fast

How to get fast YouTube Watch Hours

If you are have alot of views on your videos and yet you still have low watch time or hours, this may be from severals reasons from your videos length if it’s short example 1-5 minutes videos,

yes these videos has low watch time minutes and it’s also from viewers who only skipped your videos. For a 1 to 5 minutes to get good watch hours you need to get at least over 100,000 views.

When did YouTube start paying

After joining YouTube partner program or monetization program your YouTube earning will reflects to your adsense by 10th to 15th of the month and will get paid in your adsense account add a payment method and once you reach the payout threshold which is $100 you will get paid between 21st to 26th of the month your payment was sent.

Can I monetize copyright video?

No you can’t monetize video that is copyrighted, you may get strike instead and uploading videos to YouTube may get your account banned or suspended, It’s just like someone who upload a s3xual content to YouTube

Fix YouTube monetization not available in my  country

If you are trying to monetize your YouTube channel but unable to do it due to unavailability of YouTube monetization program in your country here are the easy steps you need to do in other to monetize your channel successfully in your country

  1. In your YouTube country selections page 
  2. Change your country to United states or any other country where monetization is available 
  3. After that go to YouTube monetization page from your channel features at 
  4. You will now be eligible to apply for monetization in your channel 

My YouTube channel is demonetized or monetization disabled

If you got your YouTube channel demonetized, This may be to the reasons if re-used contents as this is the common issues most Youtubers are facing today even though they re-edited the video themselves.

To be able to fix this you will need to remove all videos that is uploaded by alot of creators even though you only add small part of it to your video.

My YouTube channel monetization disabled what to do now? If you got your YouTube channel disabled this can be from severals reasons such as: invalid Clicks.

to be able to fix this you will need to file an appeal to adsense team by providing exactly they required information you are ask to give them otherwise your channel will not be reinstated back.


If you manage to provide the information you were asked for. Chances are for you to get your account adsense back to normal.

Conclusion: what have you learned from this, did you find this helpful? drop a review and comment.

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