Simple trick on how to earn up to 3k without investing a dime on mybonus app

Simple trick on how to earn up to 3k without investing a dime on mybonus app

So many people I know have heard about my bonus app from friend, family, and even the internet.

What Is mybonus app


Mybonus app is just like every other money making app like Z union but I think mybonus app is far better than Z union.


Though initially after registration free 1000 is been given to newly registered users on the app,

but they lata stop given out the 1000 to it newly registered users due to reason by known to them,

but nevertheless one can still recharge or invest a minimum of 1000 that will be increasing as time goes on,

just by doing little task and it can be withraw at any particular time provided it within working days.






Simple trick or cheat on how to earn on mybonus app

I have been using it for sometime now, but i just decide to show you guy how it been done. 

Before using this trick on mybonus app you need to have registered or have acoount with them, in that case if you don’t have an account with them then follow this simple way to register.

Log on into their website choose your username and password,

then use this as your referral code 5196282 your referral code, then download the app boom your good to go.

Next is to search and download Do Multiple app cloner on playstore, install and lunch.

Then use the Do multiple app cloner to clone mybonus account as much as you want.

Cloning means creating of multiple accounts using app cloner,

and don’t forget to use your referral code when creating the accounts to ensure you earn all your referral bonuses.


The site will always be telling you not to create more than one account that if you do you will be ban,

and all other accounts will be freeze, ignore that providedly your using app cloner they won’t dictate anything.

After all the process is completed, next is just to be smiling to the bank all the time.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to follow this account for more post like this. 

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    Since yesterday hv been having problem to log in in other to perform my daily task but I was told that you are upgrading for how long is going to take because am a little bit worried thank you.

  2. Sir k

    Good, but where will you see different bank account to bebused?

  3. Berry

    Wow ok, thanks for the secret, saw many app cloner don’t know which one works well, please can you send me the pic of the recommended one you know work well

    1. Hardey

      Since on Thursday have withdraw my cash and have not being credited why

  4. Ogeh Lucy chiamaka

    Okay am very interested

  5. Tea

    Can I register with one thousand naira

  6. James

    If I registered with 3000 how much should I be expecting daily.

  7. Faith eleigwu

    Please I need help I can’t access my account due to login failed I need help

  8. Faith eleigwu

    I can’t log in for days now I need help

  9. ade

    Don’t cheat on them so that they can remain for a much longer period. They have been faithful to their promises. So, I wouldn’t know why we are to cheat on them.

  10. Emmanuel

    I have deposited 8k n 10k 4 days n d money is not showing on my dash board

  11. Beulah

    Would I register with money before I can get paid for referrals

  12. Mustapha Abubakar

    Congratulations! You have successfully crashed myBonus. They no longer process withdrawal request and customer care have disappeared.

    1. Evey Barbie

      I want to register, please let me know if it’s still a genuine platform 🙏

  13. Evey Barbie

    I want to register, please let me know if it’s still a genuine platform 🙏

  14. Aisha

    What happened to withdrawal & depositing. Too since Friday

  15. Dinno brown

    I think mybonus have crashed because they find it hard to pay thier users

    I will miss mybonus

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