pbfapi Pbftreasure Review Scam or Legit How it works

pbfapi Pbftreasure Review Scam or Legit How it works

It is 2021, and if you are unaware that making money online is a ‘thing’ now, then you obviously still have a lot to learn.

The Truth behind money making online  in Nigeria with ponzi platforms 

These days, many internet users are earning big by joining online platforms and performing little tasks. So if you are one who sees all online platforms as a scam, then I’m sorry, you are yet to be in the light.


If you invite subordinates, you can get 10% commission for the task. Your subordinate invites subordinates, you can get 8% commission


Pbftreasure pbfapi

I am usually amused and annoyed when I hear people say things like;

“Earning money online is not possible. Good things cannot come easy just like that.”


If you are among those who make such kind of remarks, please stop it!


Don’t get me wrong though, there are ponzi schemed platforms and scammers platforms, which is why one has to be very mindful of the online money making platform he/she comes across.


What do you do when you hear about a money making online platform? 

The answer to the question is easy! You make researches before joining the platform, so you won’t end up wasting your time and efforts. Or even your money.


In this article, we will be having a look at one Nigerias’ online platform that enables it users to earn by performing tasks. The platform is known as Pbftreasure.

Note: Make sure to read to the end. Because in this writeup, you will get all the ‘need to knows’ about Pbftreasure.



pbftreasure introduction

Without further adu, let us get to it.


What Is Pbftreasure pbfapi?


Pbftreasure is an online Nigerian platform that allows it users to earn quick cash by performing easy and simple tasks e.g referring friends to join the platform.


The platform(pbftreasure) is quite similar to ‘z earning’ and ‘mybonus(the earning platform that crashed recently). Both of the above listed platforms are online shopping platforms, and they also allow you to earn and cashout for free.


However, like I said earlier, Mybonus is now a crashed platform, so I strongly advise against registering on the mybonus platform, as it would be a complete waste of time.


Lest I deviate, let me tell you esteemed readers more about the Pbftreasure online money making platform.


You earn on Pbftreasure by placing(or fetching) orders and then later getting commisions from the orders you placed earlier.


Good thing is, up to 20 orders can be placed in a day. Another way to earn is by deposting your funds into their “wealth management product,” and then getting fixed commissions.


Also, like I mentioned earlier, you can invite friends to join the platform. In doing so, both you and your invited friends get commissions.


Cool right?!


In case you are wondering, pbftreasure is currently in an affiliate patnership with Amazon shopping site. In lay man’s language, they help Amazon in advertising and selling products.


When Was Pbftreasure Launched?

Pbftreasure is just a new platform. It is less than six months old.


How To Join Pbftreasure


To join and register to Pbftreasure is quite easy.


On the registration page, you will be asked to fill in your phone number Make sure it is an active phone number, because a verification code will be sent to the number.


Once the code is sent, copy the code and paste on the “enter sms verification box.”

After that fill in your new password in the next box. Then refill the same password again, to confirm.


Then tap on the “register button.” The page will load for a short while. You are now registered!


Registration is entirely free of charge. You do not have to pay a dime to register, so beware of scammers who may charge you to register in pbftreasure.


After registering, you get to recieve five hundred naira for free! It is a gift for new users.

You can also invite your friends almost immediately. You’ll get 250 naira reward for referring a friend.


Confused on how to refer a friend on Pbftreasure? Do the following;

On the home page of the Pbftreasure platform, you will see a button tagged as “Team” in the bottom right corner. Tap on the button, and you will be automatically directed to another page.


In this page, your referral link and referall code are pasted there. You can simply give your referral link to your friends so that they can register and begin earning asap!


It’s that easy.


Are There Any Memberships On Pbftreasure?

Of course there are different membership systems on this online earning platform. Three, to be precise!


Pbftreasure users earn based on their current membership level.


Here are the different membership levels in the platform.


  •  1. Junior Member.
  •  2. Intermediate Member.
  •  3. Senior Member.

Each levels has it various advantages and limits.

Have in mind that when you are just joining the pbftreasure platform, you automatically become a junior member(you get to withdraw cash once a day).


Is Pbftreasure legit or Scam?

Based on numerous research and stats, there is a high chance that pbftreasure is a legit platform. There have been many individuals who have testified about earning from this platform.


So if you have been asking yourself this question; “Can I Earn a Living From Pbftreasure?”


Well, the answer is a Yes!

You can actually earn a lot from this online money making platform.

However, pbftreasure does not guarantee that you can earn millions in a few days. This is not a get rich quick platform.


Another great thing about this awesome money making platform, is that the day you withdraw is the same day you get paid. Also, withdrawal is completely free. They are no bank charges or anything of a sort.


This platform is just so cool. Or what do you readers think?


How To Withdraw Your Funds On Pbftreasure

Simply click on the home button. The home button is at the bottom right corner.

Right in front of you, you will see the ‘information,’ ‘service,’ ‘withdraw,’ and ‘recharge’ button.


Click on ‘withdraw,’ a new page will load. In that page fill in your account details and your password, then request withdrawal.


Who is the CEO of  pbftreasure  ?

As the day of writing  this Review we found no information about the ceo but the platforms is surely own by Nigerians 

It is not rocket science, the whole thing is easy!


That’s a wrap dear readers. I hope you learnt a thing or two in this article. Bye!


Login page of pbftreasure 

Registration page of pbftreasure 

DOWNLOAD pbftreasure apk Android app



PBFAPI _is an electronic order service owned by Amazon and aimed at providing users with order data and related product order data services_


Register for free to get N500 naira


  • LV1= 0.5%
  • LV2= 0.55%
  • LV3= 0.6%
  • LV4= 0.65%
  • LV5= 0.7%


  • _First level referrals (direct)= 10%_
  • _Second level referrals (indirect)= 8%_
  • _Third level referrals (indirect)= 5%
  • _20 direct referrals= #1500_
  • _40 direct referrals= #2000_
  • _70 direct referrals= #3000_
  • _100 direct referrals= #3500_

PBFAPI Treasure has been in existence for long, precisely 2020-10-31 and it has come to stay unlike the rest you knew*

*Registration is free, use the below link to get started


pbftreasure Review video
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