Semfinance semapi Review Scam or Legit How it works and earn

Semfinance semapi Review Scam or Legit How it works and earn

What is Semfinance?

Semfinance is a Nigerian online ecommerce platform that pays you commission for opening order for amazon. This platform is similar to mybonus and others like insme

Learn more about ponzi scheme semapi Semfinance by reading the below articles before you join copy and paste it

Fileuplod Review


Two ways to make money on Semfinance:

But before migrating to level 2 you need to upgrade for gold membership with 2500 naira so as upgrading level 3.

(1) Investment and order grabbing , but the invested money can be withdrawn at any time, which is equivalent to a margin,

Level (1) Recharges 2500 naira, daily commission is 90-110 naira,
Level (2) Recharges 10,000 naira, daily commission is 390-440 naira,
Level (3) Has two recharge areas, respectively 25,000 naira, daily commission It is 1100-1500 Naira, Recharges 50,000 Naira, and daily commission is 2000-3000 Naira.

(2) Another way is to invite friends

You just need to let people around you know and join through your link. When your friends top up, you will get 500 naira platform rewards and also 10% of the commission they earn.

I hope you can clearly understand the benefits of inviting friends to join, because perhaps your indifference and lack of motivation will make you lose a lot of wealth. This opportunity is right in front of you. If you want to know, I will guide you.

As shown in the figure below, you can charge 3 commission levels respectively, namely 10% 8% 5%. This is a commission for non-member.

Link to download Semfinance semapi app apk

Copy and paste the link 

Join now as it is still fresh and paying
Register and get 500 naira instantly and you can also earn more by completing your 20 orders daily…

I got paid on Wednesday day ooo and I’ll still cash out today I can’t cash out yesterday just because it was weekend…

It’s still fresh,real and paying
Let sem finance finance your present and future
can cash out 500naira every day of you do daily task with the money they give you when you register

Register on Semfinance semapi here

Semfinance semapi


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