Stepworkstime Review Scam or  Legit how to join and earn

Stepworkstime Review Scam or Legit how to join and earn

Hi dear mate! I do hope you are having a wonderful day.

Well if you are reading this article right now, then chances are that you were on the hunt for a legit platform to use in making money online.

Welcome to our stepworks Nigeria discover whether it’s real or fake. Stepworks sign in, stepworks sign up or Register. How to make money on stepworks platform in Nigeria

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Stepworkstime/stepworks Review


Stepworks payments


There are over a thousand and one ways one can make money online in Nigeria. You can buy and then resell online, or you could learn a skill(e.g graphic designing, writing) and then find clients online. Well, rather than using acquirable skills to earn money online, most people would rather find online platforms that would pay them to do little tasks.

The good thing about these kinds of platforms is that you do not even need to waste much of your time there. Just perform as much tasks as you can, and whenever you fill like, you can always leave and come back the next day.

Also, once you reach the minimum withdrawal, you get to cashout whenever you desire to.

Like most people would say; it is not rocket science!

In this write up, we will have a broad discussion about one of the several online platforms that one can use to earn money online by performing daily tasks.

The platform we will be having a look at is known as “Stepworkstime.”

What Is Stepworkstime stepworks?  is a Nigerian money making platform that enables its users to earn money through various means.

Now that you just learnt that there are various means to earn from this platform, you may probably be wondering;

 “How Do I Join Stepworkstime?”

Well joining is this online money making platform is even easier. Simply click HERE.(embed

Once you click on the link above, you will get redirected to the ‘sign in’ page of the Step Works Platform. But you are actually not going to sign in. What you need to do is to ‘sign up.’

So scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a ‘Register Now’ link. Click on the it, you will be redirected again, but this time you will be in the ‘sign up’ page.

Simply fill in all the necessary informations(phone number and desired password), then click on the ‘sign up’ button.

You have now successfully created an account, and you are now a member of the Step Works Time platform.

Oh! And lest I forget, you also get a welcome bonus of seven hundred naira for joining the playform.

Isn’t that cool?!

How To Earn More Money and Withdraw On Stepworkstime

After receiving your registration bonus, you still have to reach your minimum withdrawal amount before you can cash out, so what you now have to do is to earn more money on the platform.

To earn is very easy! On the home page of the Step works platform, look to the bottom, you will find five tabs(home, vip, task, wallet, and me). For you to earn, you have to click on the ‘task’ tab.

You will then be directed to a page where you can perform tasks on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you are on the VIP zero membership, then you will earn thirty five naira for every like, comment, and share you make on any of the social media platforms.

Another way to earn is through referrals. On Step works, one of the easiest ways to make money is by referring(inviting) your friends and families to join the platform. You can refer them by giving them your referral link to use in registering.

For every person you invite, you get thirty five naira reward. Meaning that if you refer/invite ten people, then you will get rewarded three hundred and fifty naira!

Now, let me teach you on how to refer people to the StepworkstimeStepworkstime.

To refer a friend or family, go to the ‘home’ tab or ‘home page’ of the Step works platform, then click on the ‘Invitation’ tab.

Once you have clicked on the tab, you will be taken to a new page where you will find your invitation link and invitation code.

You can either tap on ‘copy link.’ Once you do that, your phone will automatically copy your invitation link. Then send the link to your friends, and tell them to use it in registering. Or you can simply copy your invitation code(a six digit number). Give the code to your friends, and tell them to input the code when they are signing up.

Stepworks Nigeria


Either of the two ways work!

Is There Any Membership On Step Works Time?

The answer to this question is yes! Infact, there are six different memberships on this platform. The different memberships are known as ‘VIP.’

When you register to the Step works platform, you are automatically in the first membership level known as the ‘Free VIP.”

This membership level is higly limited. On the free vip, you can only earn seventy naira daily. Unlike in the other vips’ where you can earn more.

However, to upgrade to a higher vip, you will need to unlock it by depositing a particular amount.

If you are curious on how much you have to deposit to upgrade to a higher Step works membership(vip), simply click on the ‘VIP’ tab in the Stepworkstime website.

Stepworks vip packages plans 

Free VIP
Entry cost: #0
Daily Revenue: #70
70 x 7 = 490 weekly
70x 30 = 2,100 monthly
Daily Task: 2
Required Balance: #700
Minimum withdrawal: #4,000

❄️ VIP 1
Entry cost: #840
Daily Revenue: #351
351 x 7 = 2,457 weekly
351x 30 = 10,530 monthly
Daily Task: 3
Required Balance: #4,000
Minimum withdrawal: #1,750

❄️ VIP 2
Entry cost: #7,000
Daily Revenue: #1,925
1925 x 7 = 13,475 weekly
1925 x 30 = 57,750 monthly
Daily Task: 5
Required Balance: #14,000
Minimum withdrawal: #3,500

❄️ VIP 3
Entry cost: #21,000
Daily Revenue: #6,300
6300 x 7 = 44,100 weekly
6300 x 30 = 189,000 monthly
Daily Task: 8
Required Balance: #49,000
Minimum withdrawal: #12,600

❄️ VIP 4
Entry cost: #70,000
Daily Revenue: #21,996
21996 x 7 = 153,972 weekly
21996 x 30 = 659,880 monthly
Daily Task: 12
Required Balance: #140,000
Minimum withdrawal: #38,500

❄️ VIP 5
Entry cost: #105,000
Daily Revenue: #31,500
31500 x 7 = 220,500 weekly
31500 x 30 = 945,000 monthly
Daily Task: 15
Required Balance: #245,000
Minimum withdrawal: #63,000

Withdrawal Time
Working Day: 9:00am to 18:00pm

Withdrawal Charges : 15%



Will I need to perform tasks on stepworks stepworktime after invested money 

Yes you will perform tasks on stepworks after you have invested. Keep in mind that stepworks is a ponzi scheme and can crashed at a time you did not expect it to crashed. Also I will like to ask readers to be very careful when investing on stepworks because this platform is about to crash it’s upto to 3 months old now.


Stepworktime Revenue Source


The platform claim that part of stepworks company’s profit comes from video promotion platforms such as Youtube and Facebook.

1. Some channel owners need visibility. When we like through tasks, they will increase their video playback data and allow their videos to get more people’s subscriptions. They will also give us some rewards through the video promotion platform.

2. Another part of the profit comes from investment. This is Stepworks Fund.
They need financing
And invest in those high-return industries.The profits they get will share dividends with everyone.

Is Stepworkstime Legit

This is probably the ‘million dollar question’ that has been running through your mind ever since you began reading this article. Well, if you go on social media(Facebook), there are many posts that shows Step works payment proof. Trust me, these aren’t photoshoped!

But, do have in mind that Stepworkstime is a very new platform, and there is little or no information about the owner(s).

If you are to ask those who are ‘unbelievers’ of making money online, they would definitely tell you this site is a scam. But make more enquiries, and you will be surprised to find out that quite a few number of people are already showing payment proofs of this platform.

Can I Make A Living Through Stepworkstime

The platform should be more like a side hustle for people. Step works cannot be a person’s full time job!

That is a wrap! I do hope you readers learnt a thing or two.



When was launch

Stepworkstime was created in 2021 and the domain is still new according to scam doc it Marks the site as scam but I don’t think so. As it’s possible to be legit. No one will create a site like Stepworkstime and scam its members.

Domain Name
Domain Created on
2021-02-28 14:22:46

Stepworks or stepworkstime was founded on 28th February 2021. Which can confirmed that stepworkstime is 3 months old

Stepworks Nigeria Nigeria stepworkstime

Registration page  Stepworkstime:


Login Page Stepworkstime:


Stepworkstime app apk download

Download Stepworkstime app here


Is stepworks stepworktime scam

Alot of people have being searching online about Stepworktime or stepworks wether they really pay or not. Well we want to inform you that stepworks stepworktime might be 90% a scam platform right now and about to crash.

The following reasons mark stepworks stepworktime Nigeria as a scam platform

  1.  The CEO is not known
  2. The platform ask for members to upgrade before getting paid
  3. The platform is a ponzi scheme
  4. The platform is far to be Legit
  5. It’s too suspicious to join it has no Facebook page or any social media support page
  6. They can crash at any time

How to prevent myself from being scams by stepworks stepworktime


If you want to avoid getting scam by stepworks platform you can do the following recommendations.

  1. Do not invest your money in stepworktime stepworks
  2. Do not upgrade to any plans
  3. Avoid any type of fake alert to tricks you in other to invest on stepworks
  4. Ask for a genuine stepworks payments proof

We hope our tips can help you to avoid falling into another scams platform like stepworks Nigeria.

And if you think stepworks Nigeria is not scam you are free to drop your opinion at the comment section.


Update on

Stepworks is refers as networking company that pays you for just completing a task every day, you can make up to N10,000 on daily basis,
Members are cashing out money every day in to their banks, if you are yet to register, please register today, invite everyone you know to register through your own referral link,

Complete your daily task and generate more wealth to your self, the aim of Stepworkstime in Nigeria today is to make sure all Nigerians are working to earn good money to their selves, I urge everyone to be part of this great opportunity, Register now and register others too, let’s join hands in fighting unemployment and porverty in our society, God bless you all and wealth come to stepworks

Click and sign up

Start printing money Click this link to join

Get 700NGN after registration


If it ask for account number please just put your phone number,
Eg: 8106502425

Don’t put the first (0)

If it ask for invitation code please put this code 407815

Start printing money Click this link to join
Get 700NGN after registration

Information they say is power

We also found above info related to stepworktime

Greetings to you all

Everybody should pay attention to this post, and know the important of upgrading and inviting serious minded people in to the platform of Stepworks through your referral link,

Stepworks is not a joke,

Upgrade your account to any VIP of your choice today,

Keep inviting serious minded people through your referral link, as you have a lot of benefits to gain from your downliners,

Take a look on this pictures,
All this bonuses are what many of us registered members have been missing,
By waisting your time in free VIP,
Upgrade your account now
And keep inviting serious people, as you have a lot to gain, this is my caring advice to you all,


Stepworks payments proof 

We decided to update our precious readers on the stepworks Nigeria investment platform we managed to found some withdrawals proof of stepworkstime. Keep in mind you are not obliged to join the stepworks platform 


Stepworks stepworkstime payments proof


Stepworkstime payments proof

stepworks Nigeria platform video

Stepworks scam Stepworktime scam

The platform stepworks or stepworkstime is about to crash. Be aware now. It’s over 4 months old since the day it was founded. Its CEO is unknown. Keep in mind that this stepworks stepworktime is a ponzi scheme that rewards old users the more new investors invest into the h5.stepworkstime.

Reason for Stepworks stepworkstime Account Disabled

If your stepworks stepworkstime account is disabled it’s because you are on free VIP membership levels. You need to upgrade your plans to higher VIP levels to avoid your account being banned or disabled according to stepworkstime website

Stepworks account disabled

A user disclaimer on stepworktime stepworks

You people should be very wise in doing any online business without knowing their Office address,No proper contact line for calls or customer service centre.

is this Stepworks register with Nigeria financial regulations commission, is there any documents to prove the existence of Step work in Nigeria?
Where is their tax clearance certificate or CAC. who lunch this business and where did they lunched it.

Please be very careful of this online stepwork before you lost ur hard-earned money to the companion and specialize group of scammers that are very good in software programming,

if you notice the App showing network error, just know that, the end as come and admin will vanish. Remember this people don’t pick call to avoid revealing their location through GPS rather chat and text messages on WhatsApp and telegram

Has Stepworks Nigeria or stepworkstime crashed?

According to stepworks Nigeria or stepworkstime members they platform has crashed. It’s no longer going to pay reasons because many members requested for withdrawal for the past 1 weeks and never received alert. Stepworks Nigeria claims to be upgrading its platform.

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