Infotocash Review Scam or Legit How it works and earn

Infotocash Review Scam or Legit How it works and earn

You probably might not know this, but all wealthy and smart people have a side hustle.

What Is A Side Hustle?

A side hustle is an additional or extra job that a person takes in addition to their primary job in order to boost their income.

A side hustle is usually less stressful than a person’s main hustle. But despite being less stressful, it is still a very smart way for enhancing your riches.

For most people, online money making platforms are the best kind of side hustles to venture into.

These kind of platforms are really easy to understand, and in few cases they do not even require you to invest a dime before you can earn from it.

If you are the kind of person who is in search of an online money making platform that you can use as a side hustle, then I think I might have a solution for you. The site is known as ‘ .’

However, do have in mind that a lot of online money making platforms are ponzi schemes, and all they mean to do is to scam people of the money(or sometimes to drain your data). So it would be wise to make research before joining the so called money making platforms.

Without further adu, let me tell you all the ‘need to knows’

 About is an online platform that gives it users different options to make money.

Though, you can’t make a fortune by on the platform, it is a really cool side hustle.

It is even an educative platform, because they pay you to read articles. You learn and you earn! So cool.

How To Join

To join this platform is ‘as easy as taking a candy from a baby.’

All you have to do is to head on to the info to cash ‘become a member’ page. In other words,

just click HERE.


After clicking on that link, you will be directed to their sign up page. The whole sign up process is really easy.

Simply fill in all the boxes(username, gmail, password, and so on.)

Note: Make sure you use a valid and active gmail address.

Also, select the country that you are currently at.

After filling all necessary informations, click on the green ‘register’ button below.

The page will then redirect you to your infotocash dashboard. This now means you are officially a member of the info to cash online money making platform. Yay!!!

For registering, you will receive a registration or welcome bonus of about $2.50, or more!!

How To Earn On infotocash.

Now that you are an official member, you will need to earn more cash so that you can withdraw as soon as possible.

To earn on this platform is just as easy as registering. There are different ways to earn, so you can pick anyone that is most convenient for you.

One of the different ways to earn is by reading and commenting on articles. Just click on any article you feel like reading, then scroll through.

For doing that, you will be credited $0.05. After reading the article, add a comment.

The comment section is beneath the article. Once you drop a comment, you will be credited another $0.05.

Keep doing these in different articles and your earnings will keep increasing.


Minimum withdrawal of infotocash

The minimum withdrawal of is $10 (N3000) via bank transfer, PayPal or bitcoin

To withdraw on infotocash, you can either choose to receive payment directly to your bank account, or you could choose to receive payment to your PayPal account.

The whole thing is up to you.

How does works

Hi there! Welcome to infotocash “how to use” page, we have Ten ways to earn on this platform.

Below are infotocash earning table and its explanations:-

Sign up bonus $2.00 One time
Daily visit $0.50 Daily
Reading post $0.05 per post
Viewing page $0.05 per page
Submiting post $2.00 per post
Comment on post $0.05 per comment
Respond to comment $0.05 per comment
Viral post $1.00 per post
Referral bonus $2.50 per one referral
pay per click $0.10 per one click


1. Sign up bonus

you earn $2.00 immediately when you open your infotocash affiliate account.

2. Daily visits

You earn $0.50 Any day you visit your infotocash affiliate account.

3. Reading post

You earn $0.05 per each post you read on infotocash.

4. Viewing page

You earn $0.05 per each page that you view on infotocash.

5. Submiting post

you earn $2.00 per each approved post that you submit.

6. Commenting on post

you earn $0.05 per each comment you post on infotocash.

7. Replying comments

you earn $0.05 whenever you respond to another person’s comment on infotocash.

8. Sharing viral post

you earn $1.00 whenever you share our viral post (sponsored advert) on infotocash.

9. Referral bonus

you earn $2.50 per each person that you refer to join infotocash.

10. Pay per click (ppc)

you earn $0.10 whenever someone click on your referral link even without signing up.

Note; you must be logged in to your infotocash affiliate account before you can achieve all this.

99% of those Earning methods are unlimited, what you make on infotocash per day/month depends on you.

The more you work, the more you Earn.

infotocash earning per tasks done

Sign up bonus $2.00 One time
Daily visit $0.50 Daily
Reading post $0.05 per post
Viewing page $0.05 per page
Submiting post $2.00 per post
Comment on post $0.05 per comment
Respond to comment $0.05 per comment
Viral post $1.00 per post
Referral bonus $2.50 per one referral
pay per click $0.10 per one click

Another way to earn on, is by referral.

Referall means inviting others to join the platform. So whenever anyone newly joins the info to cash platform with your referral link, you will be credited the amount of $2.60! Referral seems to be the easiest way to earn, so referring your friends to the platform won’t be a bad idea.

How To Refer On infotocash

To refer isn’t rocket science. As a matter of fact, nothing on this platform is hard to figure out.vTo refer, simply head on to your dashboard.

On the dashboard, you will see different tabs such as; dashboard, referalls, notifications, marketing, payments, profile, and so on…

Since you want to refer someone, click on the ‘marketing’ tab. This will now show you four options, which are; affiliate links, campaigns, creatives, and submit posts. Click on ‘affiliate links.’

You will be redirected to a new page. On that page, you will find your affiliate link there. Simply copy it, and send to the friends and families that you plan on inviting to the platform.

Make sure you tell them to register by clicking on your affiliate link. Once they do that, you immediately get rewarded.

Is There Any Membership On infotocash?

The answer to the above question is no. There are no memberships on this platform.

All members are equal, and everyone earns the same way.

Is Infotocash Legit or scam?

Well, if you head on to social media, there are hundreds of posts showing payment proofs that info to cash ‘might’ be legit. So there is a high chance that this platform is worth giving a try.

When Was InfoToCash Launched?

There is no certainly date of when when this online money making platform was launched, however, what is certain is that it is a new platform.

I doubt it is even up to a month old. Also, there is little or no idea about the owner(s) of this platform. For this reason, it is best to be vigilant about this platform.

Can You Make A Living Through

Well, like I said earlier, infotocash platform should be more like a side hustle rather than a main hustle.

You cannot make a fortune through this platform, you can only earn little. So taking this platform as a full time job isn’t a smart thing to do.

Esteemed readers that is all for today. I do hope you learnt a thing or two. Enjoy your day!

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