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Rukki cash is new launched ponzi scheme platforms that claims to be a Nigerian Community of likeminded people who are interested in helping each other financially.

The introduces tricks of donation but the platform has no alternative revenue source except the money invested by its members.

It runs no ads.. the site looks so much suspicious that can crash at anytime nevertheless it’s still paying legit platform.

Rukki Cash Reviews all about

Rukki Cash claims to give an amount you wish to offer to someone and on the seventh day. Rukki cash stated that they will Also reward its users with 50% ROI of the amount the invested. You get 15,000 naira after seven days if you invested or donated 10,000 naira. donation strategy

Without going to long distance rukki cash is a ponzi scheme so we at reccomend you to invest what you can afford to loose. All these platforms such as racksterli, clickella, Luniaa will always try to denies what they are.

Because it’s a ponzi strategy. A ponzi scheme simply means to pay old members with new members revenue. If I don’t mistake it ponzi is highly risky to join but high paying.
It can crash at any time so invest wisely.

Rukki cash claim not to not discriminate as they accommodate members from all class to benefit from platform.

You can register with as low as
1,000 naira and receive 150% back in 7 days! Which means if you invest 1000 naira you will get 1500 naira after seven days.

Isn’t that amazing? of course it is. But invest what you are ready to loose. We are not paid to reviews rukki cash neither we are affiliated with rukki cash. We wrote reviews.

There is not middlemen or administrative intervention and the rukki cash is completely peer – to – peer. No central account and mergin is 100% automatic.

This is stated on rukki cash official website. Rukki cash is still paying for now.



  • 50% ROI
    PERMANENT BLOCK (If you default)
  • 2,000 naira MINIMUM INVESTMENT
  • 1,000,000 naira MAXIMUM INVESTMENT


What is the minimum and Maximun amount I can invest on ?

The minimum investment plans of is 1000 naira while the maximum donation is 1,000,000 naira. You can invest 10,000 or 100,000 naira.

Is free to join or register?

Rukki cash Registration is absolutely free and no activation fee is required. Just sign up and choose the plan you want to start with.

How much Can I earn on Rukki Cash?

You earn 50% ROI every 7 days for your investments plqns. For example if you just register and you pledge to invest 10,000 naira you will earn 15,000 naira back after 7 days. You can increase the amount of your invested plan anytime you want.

What is the percentage of Referral Commission on

Rukki cash give you with 10% commission for every investments made by your Referrals. Once your Referral commission reach 5,000 naira the system will automatically add it to your next account.
For example if your referral invested 10,000 naira you will get 1000 naira in your account.

Rukki cash login

  • Go to 
  • Click on login page
  • Input your email and password 
  • Click continue or login Register

  • Go to 
  • Click on the 3 dot on the homepage 
  • Click on Get started link
  • Sign up with your names, email and password

Is rukki cash legit?

Rukki cash is a legitimate paying platform at this stage because it’s still new You can still join and get paid.

Is rukki cash scam ?

Rukki cash has some PAYMENTS proof so it’s not Scam.


What Rukki cash domain age ?

Rukki cash domain age is 3 months old according to the whois data the domain was created on the 31st of December 2020. Which can confirm the platforms to be new platform.


When was rukki cash launched?

Rukki cash was launched less than one month ago according to the domain age at the day of writing this reviews.

Can ever crash?

The fact that none of this ponzi scheme platforms last forever it will still crashed after some time. Even racksterli has crashed.

Rukki cash payments proof

I have found some PAYMENTS proof about this platform. Screenshots below.



Who is owner CEO of

The owner of rukki cash is anonymous he or she is not known, we found no information about the owner. He has no name.

What happened to my account and my investments if rukki cash crash?

Let takes for instance if rukki cash crash today your money is gone. You won’t be able to get any refund because the CEO is unknown to public.

Conclusion on rukki cash reviews

I sincerely ask everyone that read this review to invest what they can afford. Fo not borrowed money to invest, do not invest with your school fees, do not force someone to invest in a ponzi scheme.
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