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Are you aware of the new ponzi scheme called fieldsmine? You may have heard of this platform on social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp.. It’s true that 75% of internet users always check reviews of a website before joining the platform wether it is legit or scam.

If you landed on this page to know more about, then you are in the right place we will provide you the brief information about fieldsmine investments platform.


Make 50% return of your investment

The internet is another side hustle for Africa generation especially in Nigeria which has about 130 million users monthly according to Google data.

But do you know you can turn your smartphone to an earnings tool that can help you to make money online while you sleep.

Making money online is the new opportunity for Nigerians since the government has failed to provide enough jobs.

Today we are going to give you the best reviews on income programs or fieldsmine investments, you will find out how to join the platform, the packages plans, you will know if has crashed or will it ever crash. How to login on etc.

What is is another Nigeria ponzi scheme that claims to provides opportunity to any Registered member to take advantage of the internet and turn their daily social media into a tool for making a passive income.

How to join

To join fieldsmine investment you need to buy your coupon code from any vendor of the site click here.
It’s Also mentioned by fieldsmine team that anyone can be a member on  fieldsmine as all you need is an internet enabled device to enable you perform your daily tasks on

follows the below instructions sign up

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in your username and Email address
  3. Input your phone number and password
  4. Don’t forget to confirm your password
  5. Choose your package and Purchase a coupon code
  6. Finally click on Register

How to earn on

To earn money on is easy, the platform claims to pay users once they starts sharing virals posts on social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. You will get paid base on your package plan. Note that if you purchased a higher plan, you will earn more money daily depending on your membership plan.

1. Basic package:

Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $2 for every Advert you share to Facebook.

2. Silver package:

Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $4 for every Advert you share to Facebook.

3. Titanium package:

Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $8 for every Advert you share to Facebook.

4. Royal package:

Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $16 for every Advert you share to Facebook.

5. Marble package:

Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $32 for every Advert you share to Facebook.

6. Jade package:

Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $66.67 for every Advert you share to Facebook.

7. Gold package:

Once you share a sponsored post, you earn $133.34 for every Advert you share to Facebook.

How to refer on

Login to your account
In your dashboard go to your referral link
Copy and share your link
Once new members sign up with your link
You will get percentage commissions plans packages

Fieldsmine investment platform has 7 types of packages plans, which are; BASIC PLAN, SILVER PLAN, TITANIUM, ROYAL PLAN, MARBLE PLAN, JADE PLAN and GOLD PLAN.

1. Basic package for N15,000 (Fifteen thousand naira) or $35.7

2. Silver package for N30,000 (Thirty thousand naira) or $75

3. Titanium package for N60,000 (Sixty thousand naira) $150

4. Royal package for N120,000 (One hundred and twenty thousand naira) $300

5. Marble package of N240,000 (Two hundred and forty thousand naira) $600

6. Jade package of N500,000 (Five hundred thousand naira) $1250

7. Gold package of N1,000,000 (One million naira). $2500

Also when you go through the website you will notice that currency is in dollar and fieldsmine exchange rate is 400 naira per 1 dollar.

How much can I make with

If you want to know how much you can make on fieldsmine, the earnings depends on your package. So if you purchased the highest GOLD package which is $2500 or 1 million naira. You will earn more 3900 dollars which upto 1 500 000 million naira. In short fieldsmine pay you 50% more of your investment.

Is Legit

We won’t say if fieldsmine is legitimate paying platform for a lifetime because the platform is legit for some period. It will crash soon or later invest wisely.

Is scam

As we can’t conclude or mark as scam right now. Because it’s still a paying investment platform but it will turn to scam soon or later.

Registration page of

Click on the link here or go to

When was laugh or created ?

Fieldsmine was launched in April 1st 2021 which still very new website. It was created by a racksterli vendor after black gold finally crashed the racksfamily platform.

Who is owner or CEO?

The CEO of fieldsmine is not known because his or her name is not revealed yet, the platform was created by a former coupon code vendor from racksterli.

Can i make a living through

No you can not make a living with fieldsmine investment consider this platform as a loss or make profit with it. withdrawals minimum

There is no minimum cash out or withdrawals on you will get paid after 30 days base on your membership package.

Download the app

Currently has no native Android app or iOS app. You can still access the platform through chrome browser or any browser compatibility with your smartphone.

How To Share fieldsmine Sponsored post

Sharing a post on Fieldsmine is almost the same way you share a post you like to your Facebook account. Login to your account, right below your dashboard you’ll see the sponsored post for that particular day, click on the share button beside it, once the Facebook icon pops up, click on it then share to your Facebook public page That’s all. Go back to your Fieldsmine page and refresh and your activity earning will increase based on the package you are on.

How much you earn per referral on

On they reward every member’s hard work; Each package on FIELDSMINE has its own referral bonus.


BASIC             $3.5

SILVER            $7

TITANIUM      $10

ROYAL            $15

MARBLE         $20

JADE               $25

GOLD              $30


Referral is completely optional on and you also get paif on any referral you have.

Once your subscription expires, You’d be able to use the  “cashout” button on the website and withdraw all what you’ve earned through your 30 days of active subscription to your bank account, and then if you wish to continue  earning from us, you can re-subscribe by getting a coupon code from a vendor.

Upon withdrawal, money is paid to your  bank account within 24-48 hours of request.

How to verify your coupon code

never purchased a coupon code from any vendor without verifying if the coupon code is valid head over to this link to check your coupon


Enough of the reading and reviews on We will like to inform our users that we are not affiliated to fieldsmine investment nor paid to write this reviews.

We are also not an enemy of the platform. We remind you that fieldsmine is a ponzi scheme, so when you are going to join this platform it’s either you loss on gain from it. Invest what you can afford. Do not borrow to join we prohibited under 18 to join tutorial video
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