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Welcome to our website in this review. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about crypto investment platform. Which was recently launched earlier march 2021.

This days to make money online with or without investment is now turning to be more easier for every internet users with the new technology being invented. It’s important to check out the reviews about any earnings or investment platform in other not to fall victims of scams.

So today we will give full presentations on how to make money on investment platform. All you need as requirements to be eligible to be an investors on
Is a telegram app account your email and password. That’s easier than we thought.

You don’t need to pay fees to become an investors on it’s free Registration. We are also going to give you more details about referral programs, like how much you will earn for inviting new members to this platform.

As we can see has alots of benefits and various ways to increase your investment. You can trade on and do more tasks in other to earn money. Keep in mind that has upgrading packages plans that will allows members to double their investment in a short period. is in Russian language so use chrome browser to access the website in other to automatically translate the website in a language you understand. provide constant income from cryptocurrency assets

In the modern world, the trend of obtaining passive income is becoming popular – in order to do what you love and not think about earning a livelihood, it is not at all necessary to have a large start-up capital, special skills and knowledge. Thanks to the development of the Internet, electronic payment systems, you can invest directly from your phone, and devote no more than 20 minutes a day to such earnings. provides investors with access to earnings on the high volatility of cryptocurrencies in order to get a high percentage income. Our experts have created their own investment platform, thanks to which Grow Capital users trust their money with thoughtful and efficient algorithms.

Throughout 2020, team of enthusiasts made transactions for the purchase / sale of their own cryptocurrency assets in order to create algorithms that, in most cases, will bring positive income.

Due to the fact that the experience in cryptocurrency investments of some members of our team reaches 10 years, we managed to get good results pretty quickly.
As a result, GROWCAP GROUP LTD was established on February 26, 2021, and in March we opened registration for all Internet users.

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What is company claims to specializes in creating algorithms for tracking the most profitable cryptocurrency rates, which allows us to work successfully on the crypto market – growcapital income from operations is up to 5% per day.

How to make money on

Before you can start making money on first Register an account with your email and password. Verify your account through the growcapital telegram not. Then starts trading. You earn

How to invite or refers members on referral program?

  • Go to
  • Signin with your email and password
  • Go to Referral Program
  • Copy your referral link ans share to social media

After registering each referral and confirming your Account, your base investment will increase by + $ 3 .
The referral program has five levels, when you top up your balance, you get a percentage of the amount: the first level is 3%, the second level is 2%, the third level is 1%, the fourth level is 0.5%, the fifth level is 0.3%.
Help your referrals: You can contact each referral via Telegram for advice and assistance.

Advantages of

Safe site

You must carry out all investment operations through an Internet resource protected from DDoS attacks, as well as provided with modern data encryption. You can be absolutely sure that your funds and personal information are completely safe.

The global development of the crypto currency market is just beginning, proof of this is that such large players as Elon Musk are beginning to talk about Bitcoin, that is, cryptocurrencies are becoming a globally significant tool. Therefore, now we see when you can earn 10-12% per day, but over time the market will settle and profit will stabilize at the level of 0.3% -0.5% per day, do not miss the opportunity, invest at the best time!

Professional and guaranteed
You transfer funds to a team of experienced professionals who are interested in your profit and provide guarantees!

Profit every second
The return on your investment will accumulate in your account balance in real time!

Instant deposits and withdrawals
You can request a withdrawal at any time and you will receive the funds in your wallet immediately!

You have a personal consultant
Our operators are ready to answer any question regarding the project, as well as solve any problem!

Active and advanced Grow Capital gives the opportunity to earn by promoting our community!

Connect to mutually beneficial cooperation with real professionals in their field and get absolutely passive income! Our specialists cope with all trading difficulties, and you are provided with the simplest and most comfortable conditions for making money. investment plans packages levels has five levels of investment plans returns.
Level 1 give you 0.3% of your earnings daily in short periods, Level 2 give you 0.5% of your earnings daily in short periods,
Level 3 give you 1% of your earnings daily in short periods, Level 4 give you 2% of your earnings daily in short periods, Level 5 give you 3% of your earnings daily in short periods.

How much can I make with claims to give its investors more 5% of their investment funds daily. YOU GET A PROFIT BASED ON CHANGES IN THE CRYPTOCURRENCY RATE IN THE FIRST SECONDS OF WORK.

Money should always work!” Grow Capital has developed unique algorithms that will bring income up to 5% per day, and the first income can be received from the first second after registration!
Join and get $ 50 in start-up capital. You also earn Profit from registration of referrals, percentage of each account replenishment, lifetime partnership and guarantees from a reliable company claim at the day of writing this reviews has over 26,000 investors or members and has more $300,000 invested funds although the platform is less than one months old.
Total investors 26 654
invested funds

Is Legit

We don’t know wether the platform is legitimate paying platform right now because we haven’t found any PAYMENTS proofs yet.

Is scam

We can’t label as a scam platform right now as there is not enough proof of Scam alert yet. If any readers discovered or was Scam by this platform don’t forget to drop your Comment in the comments section.

Registration page of

Login page of

When was launch or founded?

In March 2021, an experienced team with ten years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry founded a new investment project, Grow Capital;

Who is owner or CEO?

Here are the founders of Grow Capital
The company was founded by Russian and British specialists. The CEO of is William Bray.

Can i make a living through ?

you can’t make a living through this ponzi scheme platform because it’s not going to stand forever. Definitely will crash we advice our readers to do simple task like referring new users and not to deposit on this website. withdrawals minimum

What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount?
The minimum deposit amount is $1, the withdrawal amount is also $1, however, depending on the selected withdrawal method, it may be higher. minimum deposit investment
The minimum deposit amount is $1, the withdrawal amount is also $1, however, depending on the selected withdrawal method, it may be higher.

Why Trade Cryptocurrencies on

Among all financial markets, the cryptocurrency market is the most growing and promising, and sometimes cryptocurrencies are chaotic, but the time will come and the market will stabilize just like it was with the stock exchange, currency exchange, resource exchange. As in any promising area, privatolutes today give rise to new startups, for example, one of such startups is the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, whose daily revenue reaches $ 50 billion daily.
Our team aims to create a large, profitable, rewarding business in this area, which is why we have focused all our attention and resources in the amount of $ 30 million to create Grow Capital.

Big players are risks. Such as Elon Musk are able to bring down the rate by one twitter for 100 or more points in a split second. Therefore, keeping abreast of the news: the rise and fall of bitcoin, the emergence of new tokens and more is an important task!

Grow Capital is a system and people with extensive experience, knowledge and analytical thinking. For more than 10 years , the company’s team has been studying cryptocurrencies and invites you to invest together, according to a built strategy.

Our guarantees are transparent and simple: in 7 out of 10 cases , the strategy shows an income of up to 7% per trade.

Grow Capital ( works according to the following scheme:

Stage 1: Replenishment of the investment balance by the investor. To do this, you can use the most convenient method that is presented on the site: cryptocurrencies, bank cards or electronic payment systems.

Stage 2: Grow Capital automatically buys the required amount of cryptocurrency based on the investor’s balance. The main feature is that the purchase is made based on the company’s algorithms. In other words, the system selects the most profitable trades.

Stage 3: The investor’s balance is calculated in dollars – USD. Its changes can be seen every 20 minutes – after the completion of the transaction. The amount directly depends on the growth or decline of the package of cryptocurrencies in which his funds were invested.

Stage 4: Constant work of funds. During the day, many transactions are made, which can be monitored in your personal account.

Stage 5: The company does not freeze funds. At any time, an investor can stop work and withdraw any amount to his own cryptocurrency wallet or transfer to another investor in exchange for fiat money.

How much income will the investor receive on

The amount directly varies from 0.7 to 5%. The company does not give a fixed percentage. The reason is that cryptocurrencies are very volatile and it is impossible to predict a fixed income.

Balance changes and transaction details can be seen in your personal account. Information is updated every 20 minutes!

How to start making money with Grow Capital

Follow simple steps: register in your personal account, replenish your balance and monitor changes. The system will carry out operations on its own!

You can withdraw money at any time after 3 days of registration!

Are there investment risks on

And all of them are included in the system algorithm. company operates on a well-functioning system, in which 7 out of 10 trades are profitable. Therefore, the balance of investors may periodically decrease slightly. But, thanks to 70% of transactions, the balance is always positive and brings significant income on a daily basis.

Insurance: The authorized capital of Growcapital ( is $30,000,000. In addition, he is insured in one of the best insurance companies for $30,000,000. This suggests that in a force majeure situation, losses for investors will be fully covered from the authorized capital and insurance!

Reliability of cryptocurrencies: for every dollar of investors, cryptocurrencies are bought, technically, cryptocurrencies can decrease in value, but they cannot depreciate, so Grow Capital can sell its assets at any time and settle with investors.

How to withdraw on

  • 1. Login to your account
  • 2. Go to withdraw money
  • 3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • 4. Choose your withdrawals method
  • 5. Click on proceed after you have input your

method of withdrawals. has 5 types of withdrawals which are; Bitcoin, perfect money, ethereum, litecoin and ripple.

What is the legal structure of the company, is there a license?

Grow Capital is registered in the UK: GROWCAP GROUP LTD, company number 13229017. Check registration information here. You don’t need a special license to trade cryptocurrencies, but we are now getting a license that allows us to perform exchange operations;

Where is office located?

Growcapital staff consists of Russian and British employees, most of whom work remotely. The company’s office is located in London: 3 Norton Folgate Almshouses Puma court, London.

How long will the company work?

Grow Capital strives to become a leader in cryptocurrency investments. We do not depend on the inflow of new funds or the macroeconomic situation, therefore, while our services are of interest to investors, the company will continue its activities.

What is the benefit of company? take a percentage of the profit if the investor receives income – therefore, if the investor incurs losses, we also lose money with him. Thanks to this approach, we are extremely interested in the investor making a profit. We pay bonuses for registration and inviting referrals from the company’s marketing budget.

How many accounts can I register on

It is strictly forbidden to register more than one account, otherwise all accounts may be blocked. Any attempts to cheat referrals using proxy or vpn services are strictly suppressed by IP blocking.

What cryptocurrencies do use in trading?

Investment technologies and algorithms are the intellectual property of Grow Capital, and are not publicly disclosed, but we publicly say that the main investment instrument is the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Ripple.

Why does the balance get lost during the upgrade on

The user’s balance changes every second from “your base investment” in your personal account, but in fact, the balance is updated every 5 minutes, so you shouldn’t worry about unstable balance changes, all charges are made consistently and on time.

Why do I need an internal transfer of funds and how do I use it?

Account replenishment is carried out through a limited number of methods, so if you want to replenish the balance, you can contact your sponsor, friend or another Grow Capital user, transfer funds to him, for example, to Yandex money or qiwi wallet, and he will make you an internal transfer.

IMPORTANT: with an internal transfer, referral is not credited and the withdrawal of funds from the user who received the funds is frozen for 3 days.

How is an investment legalized?

Grow Capital ( Works under an offer agreement, in other words: by registering on the site, each user agrees and signs an agreement. It is this agreement that regulates the company’s obligations to investors, and also regulates the insurance process.

What to do with the initial $50 bonus on

After registration and confirmation in the Telegram Bot, the new user is credited with an investment bonus of $50. It can be used to attract profit to the main balance of the investor, from which automatic investment will take place. The bonus is issued for 30 days, during which the investor will be able to make a profit available for withdrawal. The main purpose of the bonus is to demonstrate the work of the company’s algorithms, thanks to which everyone can earn?

Is it possible to withdraw profit without investment on

Yes, you can earn on referral bonuses, we have no restrictions other than the minimum withdrawal amount;

How to invest on

Just replenish the balance, then the money will automatically go to work. After 20 minutes, the first changes in user balance will be visible.

What systems can I use to top up my balance?

The balance can be replenished through electronic payment systems, bank cards, and cryptocurrency wallets. Detailed information on the methods of replenishment is indicated in the section “Balance replenishment”.

Why can’t I withdraw funds after replenishing my balance?

Because these are the rules of the company. After replenishing the account, you need at least three to realize the funds and make a profit. Therefore, after replenishing the balance, the withdrawal becomes unavailable for 72 hours. Then you can withdraw money at any time convenient for you.

How to withdraw profit?

To withdraw funds, just go to the appropriate section, indicate your cryptocurrency wallet, the withdrawal amount, and confirm the operation. The money will be credited before 7 o’clock during business hours.

How is profit accrued?

Every 20 minutes, the investment balance changes, since this time period is the reporting period for the current value of cryptocurrencies. The company has no investment term or any restrictions, so you can invest the amount, withdraw part of the profit or the entire amount at any time. The amount of profit is formed depending on the amount on the balance sheet – if there is nothing there, then the profit is not charged.

What to do if the balance goes negative?

It is impossible to constantly demonstrate positive dynamics, therefore, sometimes the investor can incur small losses. After that, the balance will show the profit, and the monetary losses will pay off.

What are the guarantees that my investment will not fail?

Grow Capital’s reliability rests on three Keys:

The risks are embedded in the model: the company carries out 7 out of 10 transactions successfully, but 3 transactions bring losses, so the investor’s balance may take negative values. However, most positive trades offset these losses, so that all investors profit.

Insurance: the authorized capital of the company is $30,000,000, the money is insured by a prestigious insurance company for the same amount. In other words, in case of force majeure, the losses of investors will be reimbursed from the statutory and insurance funds.

Reliability of cryptocurrencies: Investors’ money is invested in the purchase of cryptocurrencies, which can technically lose their value. However, fully digital assets cannot depreciate – thanks to this, the company can sell its assets at any time and settle with investors.

Conclusion of

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