Duplinow.com Reviews Scam or Legit Registration Login how it works

Duplinow.com Reviews Scam or Legit Registration Login how it works

Welcome to fileuplod.com in this duplinow.com honest Reviews we will show you how does duplinow works. Ways to make money online with duplinow.com. what are duplinow.com machines and coins all about and many more. To know in this Reviews. You only need an active email address to get started.

Making money online is becoming more easier than we thought. It’s a dream of everyone to make money with his or her smartphone while sleeping or working from home.

Actually it’s not that easy to find Legit or earnings websites in this generation of technology where more scams platform are being created daily to scams or waste our precious time doing things that will never pay.

Duplinow Review

That’s why it’s good to always check online reviews about any earnings platform you discover through Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

Mostly some websites are created to scams members by forcing them to upgrade a plan or invest.

Well before you join any platform there are more things you need to be aware of.

First know the Revenue source of that platform
Second check wether it’s Legit or scam
Check wether they have active social media page or active support for its members.

Nevertheless alots of website can generates revenue by placing ads such as Google adsense on their website in other to fund members who use their platform daily. Some website runs affiliates links like clickbank on their platform. Which will allows members to earn revenue by viewing affiliates links or viewings ads.

Duplinow.com who claims to be in existence over 45 days now at the day of writing this reviews seems to be spreading fast and gaining more popularity. So we decided to reviews it out for our readers.

What is duplinow.com?

DupliNow It is a money-based game, you can earn money by producing coins through your virtual machines, those coins are exchangeable for real money. There are lots of fun and prizes for you and your friends at DupliNow

Duplinow is also a type of earnings platform that pays its users for performing different tasks on their website, such as viewing affiliates ads, referring news members to the platform. When you views affiliates ads you will earns coins that you can later convert to cash in other to withdraw.

How to make money on duplinow

Once you Registered an account on duplinow.com you will be given free 500 coins that you can use to upgrade to Beginner machine level which cost 432 coins, you will be left with 68 coins.

After you have upgraded to the beginner machine level 1 you will be able to views affiliates ads and earn more coins, which you can later convert to cash. You can also earns 500 coins for each new user that joined duplinow.com through your referral link. Nevertheless you can also claims 10 coins daily by navigating to the Daily Bonus section in your dashboard account.

What are Duplinow.com machine

Duplinow.com machines are in charge of producing your coins every minute, when your machines are on you will be producing coins that you can then use to exchange them for real money. Note that you can turn off your machine whenever you want to leave the website.

How to get new duplinow.com machine

In the machine room you can use your coins to buy better machines that will produce more coins per minute.

Level of Duplinow.com machine

Duplinow.com Machines can be upgrade and by doing so the amount of coins produced each minute increases, each time a machine is upgrade the machine increases in level.

What are duplinow coins use for

You can use your coins to buy machines, upgrade machines and the most important thing is that you can exchange your coins for real money

I have one or more machines, what should I do to start producing coins?

To turn on your machines you must go to your Dashboard and click on the button to turn on machines.

How long will my machines last on?

Your machines last 24 hours on, you must enter once every 24 hours to turn them on again.

Is there a price to turn on my duplinow.com machines?
Turning on your machines is totally free.

How long does a machine last me?

The machines never expire or stop working, but you must enter once every 24 hours to turn them on.

What happens if I forget to enter the website for several days?
Nothing happens, your machines will be off without producing coins and they will produce again when you turn them on again.

How to invite or refers members on duplinow.com.com

Duplinow.com referral program pay you 500 coins for each members you refer to join the site.
There are different bonuses for attracting new referrals, some prizes require the activation of the referral and others do not require it, for example, the prizes for registering a new referral are only awarded when the referral is activated.
Rewards to obtainWhen the reward is awarded

500 Coins
Bonus new referred

30 % of item purchased
Referred purchase in shop

30 % of task reward
Referred offerwalls

When or how is a referral activated?

To avoid pitfalls such as multiple account creation, a referral is automatically activated by obtaining at least 900 coins, can be by performing tasks or through the store.

Must a referral be activated to generate rewards for purchases or tasks that my referral performs?
It is not necessary for a referral to be activated to generate rewards for performing tasks or for purchases in the store, although by doing the aforementioned it is likely that the account will also be activated and you will obtain the rewards for activating the new referral.

How can I find out what are the benefits and rewards for attracting referrals?

Go to Menu-> Affiliates. In your affiliate panel you can view the prizes you can get, you can also see your current activated and non-activated referrals. You can also see your history of earned awards.

How can I make coins exchange on duplinow.com?

To make a exchange you must first accumulate the required number of coins, after having them you can go to the exchange menu and click on exchange the prize.

Coins exchange

Exchange your Coins for cash prizes.
View your exchanges history

Exchange your 200.00 Coins


Payeer(Instant)  Dogecoin  Bitcoin 

Exchange your 1000.00 Coins


Payeer(Instant)  Dogecoin  Bitcoin 

Exchange your 10000.00 Coins


Payeer(Instant)  Dogecoin  Bitcoin 

Exchange your 50000.00 Coins


Payeer(Instant)  Dogecoin  Bitcoin 

Exchange your 1000000.00 Coins


Payeer(Instant)  Dogecoin  Bitcoin 

Exchange your 5000000.00 Coins


Payeer(Instant)  Dogecoin  Bitcoin 

Is there a maximum limit on the number of exchanges I can make?
There are no limits, you can always collect the coins again to get the same prize again and again.

How long does it take to send me the prize?
In some cases the money is sent instantly and in other cases it will take 1 to 3 days

Advantages of duplinow.com

To contact us you can write to
The estimated response time is 24 to 72 hours
We work from Monday to Friday, so it is possible that we will not respond to you on weekends or holidays
Please avoid SPAM.
If you want support with problems related to your user account, you must write from the email registered in your account configuration.

Description of rewards

Rewards to obtain When the reward is awarded

500 Coins

Bonus new referred

30 % of item purchased

Referred purchase in shop

30 % of task reward

Referred offerwalls

Daily Withdrawals

You can request the exchange of your coins for real money for different payment methods and some of them are paid instantly!.

Register on duplinow.com site
It will take you less than 15 seconds

Start winning
Start your virtual coin factory with the button that you will see in your account to start producing coins every minute

Withdraw your winnings

Exchange your coins for real money every day

duplinow.com.com machine plans type


Your machines are the ones that increase your production of coins per minute, buy more machines or improve the ones you already have to earn more coins

Price: 432 Coins
0.02 Coins per minute
1.2 Coins per hour
28.8 Coins per day
864 Coins per month
10512.02 Coins per year

Buy machine
Price: 4200 Coins
0.10 Coins per minute
6 Coins per hour
144 Coins per day
4320 Coins per month
52560.1 Coins per year

Buy machine
Price: 41000 Coins
1.00 Coins per minute
60 Coins per hour
1440 Coins per day
43200 Coins per month
525601 Coins per year

Buy machine
Price: 399000 Coins
10.00 Coins per minute
600 Coins per hour
14400 Coins per day
432000 Coins per month
5256010 Coins per year

The boss
Buy machine
Price: 3790000 Coins
100.00 Coins per minute
6000 Coins per hour
144000 Coins per day
4320000 Coins per month
52560100 Coins per year

Big factory
Buy machine
Price: 6827000 Coins
200.00 Coins per minute
12000 Coins per hour
288000 Coins per day
8640000 Coins per month
105120200 Coins per year

How to withdraw on duplinow.com

When you reached minimum withdrawals you convert your coins to cash then add your payment method to withdraw.
Duplinow.com have different options to send the prizes of the exchanges, when making an exchange select the one of your preference.

Is duplinow.com.com Legit

We don’t know wether the platform duplinow is legitimate paying platform right now but the site claims to have been paying we can find the payment proof on duplinow.com homepage stats.

Is duplinow.com.com scam

We can’t label duplinow as a scam platform right now as there is not enough proof of Scam alert yet. If any readers discovered or was Scam by this platform don’t forget to drop your Comment in the comments section.

Registration duplinow.com

  • Go to www.duplinow.com/site/register.php
  • Input your username, email and password
  • Confirm you are not robot and click on accept terms and conditions
  • Finally click on Register button

Login duplinow.com

When was duplinow.com launch or created ?

Duplinow was founded less than one months 2021. But the domains age was created on 7th of November 2020. We can say that duplinow.com is 5 months old. At the day of writing this reviews.

Who is duplinow.com owner or CEO?

There is no information about owner of duplinow platform. He is unknown we can only provide you their email address: admin@duplinow.com

duplinow.com.com withdrawals minimum

There’s no minimum withdrawals on duplinow.com once you have enough coins you can convert to cash base on your exchange amount.

Conclusion duplinow.com

What do you think of this duplinow.com reviews have you got scam? Don’t forget to comment below and join our telegram channel for more details 

How to make on duplinow

Video Duplinow

Duplinow.com video tutorial

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