Sandstask Reviews Legit or scam Registration Login how it works

Sandstask Reviews Legit or scam Registration Login how it works

Information about sand task

Sand group (LVS).sand group exchange;is a new York stock exchange company website

Sand group is one of the worlds largest casino and hotel management owns a series of high-end casino hotels led by the Venetian,and the worlds 8 most important casino operations.


At the same time they also started to invest in the African market.the group will invest 35 billion us dollars in casino and restaurant in Africa in the future.

Nigeria’s first City to invest in is Lago,they are at plot 10A and B, Layi Ajayi Bembe street, Parkview estate,Ikoyi Lagos set up sand office.

How to make money on sandstask 

VIP information on how to earn:

  How many task can vip complete and how much money they make every day;


VIP 1: can perform 1 task each day,each task is 30 naira,earn 30 naira every day and 900 naira every month.

VIP 2: can perform 3 task each day,each task is 40 naira,earn 120 naira per day and 3,600 naira per month.

VIP 3: can perform 6 task everyday, each task is 100 naira,earn 600 naira everyday and 18,000 naira every month.

VIP 4: can perform 8 task each day,each task is 200 naira,earn 1,600 naira everyday and 48,000 naira every month.

VIP 5: can perform 10 task each day,each task is 400 naira,earn 4000 naira everyday and 120,000 naira every month.

VIP 6: can perform 18 task each day, each task is 120 naira,earn 12,000 naira everyday,and 360,000 naira every month.

Each vip needs to be purchased and the cost are different:

  VIP purchased cost;

VIP 1:0

VIP 2:1000

VIP 3:5500

VIP 4:10,000

VIP 5:30,000

VIP 6:70,000


The minimum withdrawal amount for each level is also different:


  VIP minimum withdrawal amount;

VIP 1:3,500

VIP 2:2,500

VIP 3:5,000

VIP 4:10,000

VIP 5:30,000

VIP 6:45,000.

After upgrading the VIP level,you need to deposit a different deposit in your account to continue this task.

The purpose is to prevent those false users from making illegally,and to ensure the use of funds at the rate of return for all of us.

VIP deposit (minimum balance)

VIP 1:600

VIP 2:2000

VIP 3:10,000

VIP 4:20,000

VIP 5:50,000

VIP 6:130,000

The deposit can be withdrawn at any time.

The following information can be summarized in the table we can see below, number of task, task amount and so on;



Just try this and start earning to your bank account.

  Here is a link for you below


About sandstask 



Group Information

Sands Group (LVS)

Sands Group

Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

Company website

Sands Group is one of the world’s largest casino and hotel management groups. It owns a series of high-end casino hotels led by The Venetian, and the world’s 8 most important casino operations.

At the same time we also started to invest in the African market

The group will invest 35 billion US dollars in casinos and restaurants in Africa in the future.

Nigeria’s first city to invest in is Lagos

We are at Plot 10A&B, Layi Ajayi Bembe Street

Parkview Estate, Ikoyi Lagos set up a Sands office

We need to expand the local influence of Sands Group in Nigeria. We have screened four social media such as You Tube Twitter Facebook TikTok for promotion.

Users can click to expand the influence of our casinos, hotels, resorts, and finance

The amount of clicks that different levels of VIP can correspond to

We will also pay the corresponding remuneration

Our income mainly comes from the casino business. The casino has a large amount of cash flow every day. The remuneration we pay to users mainly comes from the income of the casino.

So in order to expand the source of income, we have also set up a corresponding fund

The 3-day fund is mainly used to lend to gamblers in the casino that day. Gamblers will pay high interest rates. The amount of funds is determined by the daily gambler’s loan amount, with a limited time limit.

The 7-day fund is mainly used to invest in the daily operations of the casino to complete the casino’s capital flow within a week, with a limited time limit

30-day fund, which mainly invests in hotel promotion

180-day fund, mainly invests in the construction of casino venues

We are very willing to cooperate with the African people to jointly develop the African market and strive to turn Africa into the world’s third economic industrial base within 5 years.

At the same time, we are also keen on charity. Correspondingly, we promised the Nigerian government to invest in schools, hospitals, etc. for Nigeria.

As soon as I entered the sands, I knew that the place was red

Win-win cooperation is our goal

Honesty is the rule of our survival

Join Sands as soon as possible and become the first batch of people to become rich. Sands appreciates every investment user.


Sandstask login

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your phone number and password 


Sandstask Registration Sign

  • Go to
  • Click on Sign up 
  • Register with your name, phone number and password 
  • Finally click Register 


Is sandstask scam

We can’t label sandstask ( as a scam platform right now because there is not enough proof of Scam alert yet. If any readers discovered or was Scam by this platform don’t forget to drop your Comment in the comments section.


Is sandstask Legit 

We don’t know wether the platform sandstask or is legitimate paying platform right now but the site claims to have been paying we couldn’t find any payments proof.

So if any readers have payments proof drop it at the comment section in other to confirm the legitimacy of sandstask Nigeria.

How to withdraw on sandstask 

  • Login to your sandstask account 
  • Go to the ME section under setting 
  • Fill your banks details 
  • You can finally withdraw once reached minimum withdrawals of sandstask 







Sandstask Video how to make money on

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    Sandstask is a big scam. Please everyone should stay away from Sandstask. They were formerly TIPROYAL.. They scammed thousands of people their hard earned money, I personally lost 120k in TIPROYAL. It’s the same set of people that created Sandstask. If you don’t want to lose all your investment, stay very far from Sandstask.

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      I just registered but let me just keep doing my task I won’t deposit my money there.
      Thanks anyway.

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    Hi guys is sandstask still work or crash because since yesterday I can’t login?

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    I have invested 3000 in sandtask but it has been closed for a days can any body help me out!!

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