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Welcome to our website today we will be talking about a new platform called Fair Wealth (

It has comes to our notice that all these newly launched platform end up scamming alot of members and only fews benefit from it. We would like to inform you that Fair Wealth is very risky because it’s a ponzi scheme similar to many that has crashed e.g stepworkstime, norderworks. Currently there’s still Fair Wealth ( that is still up running but it will not last for sure.

We will explain to you how to benefit from all these new investment platform whenever they are launched so that you won’t end up losing money again and again.

Today 21st of May 2021 we will be talking about a newly launched earnings platform like norderworks called Fair Wealth ( How does works and Is real or fake. Is Fair Wealth going to crash?. Learn all about Fair Wealth new website at for free.

Making money online is now hard in this days of scamming platform, many new websites are created period after period just to take advantage of its users by asking them to complete tasks which can only benefits the site founder. if he or she runs premium paid ads or using popular ads network like adsense. the owner can pay fews users in return of what he or she earns from ads revenue.

In some case the owner might decide not to pay any members unless they upgrade to premium membership plan with real money. So it’s harder for us to trust newly created platform or invest your money into them. we at always recommends users to check Scam or Legit Reviews of any platform related to investment or earn per tasks platform. Like the one we are going to introduce is an ECommerce platform like which name is Fair Wealth (

We decided to review this new investment platform called Fair Wealth in which we are going to give you all the necessaries information we know About this new pay per completing ordering products or completing daily tasks.

Fair Wealth ( claims to give each new Registered member 500 naira Registration bonus and promise to give you more 2000 naira for inviting new members with your Referral link or invitation code.

With our reviews. Learn how to make money on ecommerce platform or more likely an investment ponzi scheme. know the requirements to join the platform. You only need an active Nigerian phone number +234 to get started. We Reviewers at welcome you to our website and don’t forget to follow us on telegram.

Note that we are no way affiliated to Fair Wealth or Fair Wealthtech or paid to write this Review. We are not writings this Reviews To promote the legitimacy or Fraudulent Behaviour of this platform. Keep in mind that Fair Wealth is a Nigerian ponzi scheme, so invest what you can afford to loose. Since ponzi scheme seems to be the quickest ways some Nigerians like to use to make money online many websites are now created to scams people. Be very careful when joining any of them because its CEO are unknown.

What is Fair Wealth or Fair Wealth claims to be a Nigerian ECommerce platform that allows you to make money online just by completing tasks daily.

The platform also includes membership plans in other to increase its users earnings with the packages. this platform is related to richhotni that we Reviewed a week ago.

How to make money on Fair Wealth

Here are how you can make money with Fair Wealth or
Welcome to Fair Wealth, when you invites friends you will earn more than 2000NGN bonus!! Upgrade VIP level to earn 10000NGN perday!!.

1. Register and login can acquire 200NGN new customer bonus. You can use it to achieve FreeVIP task and receive 10NGN task bonus.

2. Different VIP level acquire different bonus. VIP1 can acquire 50NGN bonus per day, VIP2 can acquire 600NGN bonus per day, VIP3 can acquire 4000NGN bonus per day, VIP4 can acquire 20000NGN per day. The higher level of VIP, the more bonus you can acquire.

3. Login to your account, find your invitation link, share it to your friend and invite them to join. Your friend register and recharge 1000NGN, you can acquire 200NGN invitation bonus and 10% of recharge team commission.
4. Withdraw time: Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm. Withdraw open to recharge customer.
Recharge time: Monday to Sunday, 24hour open.

How Does Fair Wealth works


What is Fair Wealth?

According to website, Fair Wealth is a multiple task achievement platform, which helps YouTube, Facebook, eBay, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon to improve their sales data and improve their good rate data. Fair Wealth earns commissions from these company and distributes 90% of the revenue to Fair Wealth users, achieving the goal of user cooperation and win-win!

How could I earn money?

There are 3 methods you can earn money from Fair Wealth.

1.Achieve task from task center.
2.Refer people to get bonus.
3.Invest Fair Wealth Fund.

How could I achieve task and get income?

You can click task center on the main page to see the task list. Different level of VIP has different bonus of task achievement. For example:
Free VIP, earn NGN20 per task, daily earning is NGN20;
VIP 1, earn NGN30 per task, daily earning is NGN60;
VIP 2, earn NGN100 per task, daily earning is NGN200;
VIP 3, earn NGN250 per task, daily earning is NGN1000;
VIP 4, earn NGN400 per task, daily earning is NGN2800;
VIP 5, earn NGN600 per task, daily earning is NGN5400;
You can click “Auto Process” to achieve task automatically.

How could I earn refer bonus?

There are 2 part of refer bonus.You can click task center on the main page to see the task list. Different level of VIP has different bonus of task achievement. For example:

1. When your Level 1 agent recharge or deposit money to Fair Wealth, you can earn 10% commission of his deposit.

2. When your Level 1 agent invite Level 2 agent, you can earn 6% commission of Level 2 agent deposit.
When your Level 2 agent invite Level 3 agent, you can earn 3% commission of Level 3 agent deposit.
For example:
Level 3 agent deposit 10000NGN, Level 2 agent deposit 20000NGN, Level 1 agent deposit 50000NGN, You (Level 0) can earn

What is Fair Wealth Fund? How could I invest?

Fair Wealth Fund is our task-based investing fund. We share our platform task profit to the fund, and our advertisement profit to the fund.
You can deposit money to the wallet and then buy fund product. When we achieve the fund date, the investing earning will return to your wallet and you can withdraw, or buy more products.

What is Fair Wealth operation time?

Fair Wealth platform is a permanent task-based platform. We run day to night with 24h open.

What is withdraw money time?

Money withdraw time is 8:00am-16:00pm.

How long can I get withdraw money?
In the business day, when you raise withdraw money application, it will reach to your bank account in the same day. Usually when we finish review the application, the money will transfer to your bank account in 2 hours.

Where is your company? How could I contact

Fair Wealth business address is presently located in Nigeria:
Civic Towers, Plot GA 1, Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Fair Wealth Fair Wealthtech packages

Fair Wealth has 4 VIP membership levels to increase your daily revenue.
Daily Revenue: NGN60
Daily Task Nums: 2
Completed Task Nums: 0
Required Balance: NGN0
Daily Revenue: NGN300
Daily Task Nums: 2
Completed Task Nums: 0
Required Balance: NGN5000
Daily Revenue: NGN600
Daily Task Nums: 2
Completed Task Nums: 0
Required Balance: NGN10000
Daily Revenue: NGN2000
Daily Task Nums: 4
Completed Task Nums: 0
Required Balance: NGN30000
Daily Revenue: NGN6000
Daily Task Nums: 6
Completed Task Nums: 0
Required Balance: NGN80000

Fair Wealth Referral Program

When you invites users to join Fair Wealth investment platform you will earn 10% commissions in each of your referrals orders. The amount you will earns varies and depends on your referral VIP levels if your referral has higher package level the more commissions you will get you can from 10% First-level freinds, 6% Second-level friends, 3% Third-level freinds.

Is Fair Wealth Legit

We don’t know wether the platform Fair Wealth or is legitimate paying platform right now but the site claims to have been paying we couldn’t find any payments proof.
So if any readers have payment proofs drop it at the comment section in other to confirm the legitimacy of or Fair Wealth.

Is Fair Wealth scam

We can’t label Fair Wealth ( as a scam platform right now because there is not enough proof of Scam alert yet. If any readers discovered or was Scammed by this platform don’t forget to drop your proof in the comments section.

When was Fair Wealth launched

Fair Wealth or was created less than 30 days as of today of writing this reviews which is May 21st 2021. But the domains age was created on 4th of April 2021. We can say that is 1 months old.

Domain Name
Domain Created on

Domain Age
30 days old

Domain Expiration Date

How to withdraw on Fair Wealth

To withdraw on Fair Wealth you first have to reach the minimum withdrawals which is only N5000 naira alots of users claims that you won’t be able to withdraw on Fair Wealth on Free membership unless you upgrade with real money.

Fair Wealth payments proof

We haven’t found payments proof related to Fair Wealth platform yet, the platform claims to be paying but to be transparent with you it’s far to be true.

Who is Fair Wealth CEO

There is no information about owner of Fair Wealth or investment platform. The site was founded by unknown Nigerian on the 21 of April 2021. We recommend to be very careful when joining this platform as Fair Wealth can crash at anytime without knowing the CEO or hoping to be refunded.

Fair Wealth Fair Wealthtech com Login Sign in

  • Go to
  • Download Fair Wealth app
  • Input your Registered phone number
  • Enter your password
  • Finally click Login Fair Wealth Registration/Register Signup

  • Go to
  • Click on Sign up NOW
  • Register with your phone number and password
  • Input Fair Wealth invitation code: 209524
  • Download the Fair Wealth app
  • Install and open the app
  • Click on Register

Fair Wealth app Download

To make the Fair Wealth investment platform easier and faster to access and complete your orders tasks. Invite friends etc. Download the apk Fair Wealth from here.

Conclusion on Fair Wealth

What do you think of this Fair Wealth platform Reviews? Can Fair Wealth be trusted? Is Fair Wealth platform Legit or scam. Fair Wealth sign in
Fair Wealth login. Fair Wealth register
Fair Wealth withdrawal proof

NB: Fair Wealth also claims to partner with Amazon, Ebay and Walmart just like richhotni. We can honestly tell our precious readers that this is far to be true.. this is a ponzi investment platform.

Video Fair Wealth Fair Wealthtech

Fair Wealth tutorial

Click bait png image

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  1. Ojighovdowan, Sunday Believe

    It’s a scam! I haven’t not been paid for over a month now.
    I deposited 12,000 and traded upto 20,000. Then I placed a withdrawal order of 6,250 they didn’t pay, after four weeks, I placed another withdrawal of 10,000 but didn’t receive a dime from them. It’s a big scam guys!

  2. Adams Chiroma

    I think so. I transferred ₦3000 for VIP2 and it has not reflected over 10hrs. Annoying part is that’s my last cash oh. Hahahahaahaah

  3. Mayomi Yonwuren

    Good afternoon, This is my first time to withdrawal from MorganAl, I withdrawal from MorganAl since on Tuesday till now I didn’t received any money

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