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Welcome to our blog today we will be talking about and how does boldlink online works. All presentation and many more

If you make enquiries about making money online(mostly in Nigeria), you would find out that most of the platforms that allows it users to earn on their site are survey sites.

All they require of you is to do little and easy task, and in a short while you get paid!

Well, in this article we are about to discuss about a site that does something similar to Survey sites.

The name of the site that we will be emphasizing on, is called

What is is just another one of those money making sites that you earn money from by placing ‘fake’ orders, getting commissions, and cashing out!
You can also earn by withdrawal as well.

The platform has no complexities at all, and it is very easy to navigate when you get to their site.


How to make money on

Though they are basically two ways to earn on this platform, but one of the two ways also have it’s different categories. I’ll explain better as you read on.

The first way to earn on this site is by referring or inviting new members.

How to invite or refers members on referral program?

The good thing about the referral program in this platform is that when you successfully invite a new member, both you and the member will immediately get a five hundred naira(#500) bonus. Isn’t that great?!

So if you want to refer someone, first thing you will need is your referral link.
To get the link, log into your account, then you will need to locate your profile. Simply click on the icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. From there you will easily see your referral link.

Copy and share to whoever you wish. You will get a bonus almost immediately! packages levels plans

On the Boldlink platform, there are different kinds and types of package levels/plans. It is your choice to pick whichever plan you prefer.
You will need a required amount to unlock any level you choose. Once you deposit(or recharge) on the platform, you will be given the maximum amount of tasks per day and you will earn as much as you perform.

Below are all the levels on Boldlink;

3% commission per order
2 clicks per day
Sign up to claim

3% commission per order
5 clicks per day

3% commission per order
5 clicks per day

3% commission per order
5 clicks per day

3% commission per order
5 clicks per day

4% commission per order
2 clicks per day

4% commission per order
2 clicks per day

VIP LEVEL TWO ₦100,000
4% commission per order
2 clicks per day

VIP LEVEL TWO ₦200,000
4% commission per order
2 clicks per day

VIP LEVEL TWO ₦500,000
4% commission per order
2 clicks per day

VIP LEVEL FOUR ₦1,000,000
6% commission per order
1 click per day


The above means; the amount you see there(e.g ₦1,000) is the amount you will need to deposit before you can unlock that package, while the commission per order is the amount of commissions you will get for every order you succesfully carry out.
Note that, the higher your VIP LEVEL, the higher your earnings.

When was launched

Boldlink is a platform that has got quite a good number of nice qualities anf features. However, they also have some loopholes. For instance, the fact that no member has any idea of when the platform was launched. It shows a bit of unprofessionalism in them.

Perhaps they forgot to make it known. Or maybe it was done on purpose.
No one knows for sure.

How much can I make with
Boldlink site claims to be a site where one can earn as much as a million, and more.
How much you can earn simply depends on how ready you are to dedicate your time and efforts.


Domain Information
Hostinger, UAB
Registered On:
Expires On:
Updated On:
Name Servers:



Who is the owner and CEO of investment

Boldlink never stated who owns the site, but there is a bank name that appears whenever one is about to upgrade(or recharge) to a VIP level.

The name is Godwin Iyare. And I am guessing the bearer of this name is the one running the platform.

Is Legit or a scam?

Boldlink is a site that seems very promising, but like I stated earlier they are loopholes. These unfilled holes is what makes the site to be less trusted.
I cannot guarantee anyone that this site is 100 percent real or fake. But you can still take the risks though. Life is full of risks!


If you are interested in registering, just click HERE signup. Then fill in your preferred username(do not add any space), your active email, your phone number, and your desired ‘strong’ password.
You will also be asked for a referral code.

After providing what was needed, click on ‘sign up.’

Login page

How to withdraw on

The withdrawal process is pretty simple. But first, let me indulge you on the Info’s you must know.

You cannot withdraw without first upgrading to a VIP LEVEL. Also, you should note that when you only have your registration bonus(500 naira) on your earnings dashboard, it cannot be withdrawn.

Now, here is how to place a withdrawal; Firstly, log on to your account then click on ‘withdraw’ which is next to ‘recharge.’
You will then be asked to fill in some payment informations which include, your bank account number, your full bank name, and your boldlink username. Having done that, you will now how to fill in other informations such as the amount you wish to withdraw, the wallet you want to withdraw from(there are two wallets), and then your password for confirmation and security reasons.

Your payment might arrive a day after placing withdrawal, just exercise patience.

That is a wrap. I hope you readers found this article educative. Do well to like, share, and drop your opinions in the comment box below. Thanks.

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