Legiboss.com Reviews Scam or Legit Registration Login how it works

Legiboss.com Reviews Scam or Legit Registration Login how it works

Hello readers! There is a new online money making platform that I am excited to tell you readers about! The reason for my excitement is because this site is filled with so many amazing qualities, and it was made in ways that would be beneficial to almost anyone.

The name of the site is Legiboss.com

LegiBoss is a platform that decided to give to people exactly what they have requested for after being scammed by different platforms who initially pose as real platform to invest. All questions that are related to legiboss site will be answered in this article, so it will be of highly beneficial if you make sure you read this writeup to the very end.



What is legiboss.com

Legiboss is a Nigerian owned money making platform that was made to help individuals invest and get profitable returns on investment(ROI). On this platform, you don’t necessarily have to wait for long to withdraw your investments. It just takes seven days after investing and you can freely withdraw immediately!

One of the numerous features of this site that I admire is the fact that the site ‘claims’ you can choose to ask for a refund after investing. The is something most money making sites have never promised. Every other sites are always quick to yell “NO REFUNDS!”
But note that you may not be lucky to get a hundred percent refund. So try making up your mind before investing in the site.


How to make money on legiboss.com

This site is so cool that you can either register as a free member(meaning you don’t need to pay a dime), or register as a premium member.
Although, premium members tend to earn more than the free ones, but being a free member also has a lot of juicy benefits as well.

Also, whether you are a free or premium member, you can still earn by referring new member to Legiboss.com
This will help in boosting your revenue while you earn your usual daily revenues.

How to invite or refers members on legiboss.com referral program?

On legiboss, each time you share your link, you will earn one hundred and fifty naira(₦150) per click for six(6) times daily.

To invite/refer a new member, that new member will need your personal referral link. To get your referral link, log into your legiboss dashboard and scroll down a bit. You can easily copy and share the link to anyone.


Legiboss.com packages levels plans

As a premium member, you can choose either of three plans. They are; Starter plan, Regular plan, and Plus Plan.

Checkout how it works;
Starter Plan
In this plan/level, you will need to register with one thousand naira(₦1,000), you will then be able to generate two hundred and fifty naira(₦250) daily. And then, after seven days you will be paid your generated revenue.

Regular Plan
To join this package, you will need to register with a fee of five thousand naira (₦5,000).
Everyday for the next seven days, you will earn one thousand, three hundred naira(₦1,300). Then after seven days, you will recieve your total payments.

Plus Plan
For this plan, a registeration fee of ten thousand naira(₦10,000) is needed. You will then earn two thousand, six hundred(₦2,600) daily for seven days.

However, if you wish to be a free member, you can also earn too. A free member earns hundred naira(₦100) daily for seven days.


When was legiboss.com launched

Legiboss is a new site, and that explains why most of you are just hearing of this site for the first time. It was launched on the twenty first(21st) of may, 2021. So far so good, they have been really blow people’s minds!


Domain Information
NameCheap, Inc.
Registered On:
Expires On:
Updated On:
Name Servers:

How much can I make with legiboss.com

On Legiboss.com, you can make as much money as the plan/package that you are in. I don’t think there is a limit. All you have to do is keep on re-subscribing to your previous plan anytime you get paid.
The higher then plan you are in, the more you are going to earn.

Let’s not forget about referral earnings. If you keep referring new members, you’ll earn more too!

Do not worry about being scammed because the legiboss is very transparent and Legit. Since its founder is well known. Keep in mind that legiboss is similar to investment platform or a ponzi scheme.




Who is the owner of legiboss.com investment

The site is probably being operated by more than one person. But after doing som researches online, I got to find out that Legiboss is owned by a young man named whose Facebook name is Boldez Guy 

real name is Agobie Godswill  from lagos as official CEO.


He probably has other partners, or even workers, but there is no certainty.



Is legiboss.com Legit or scam

Like I said earlier, Legiboss was just recently launched, and for the past few days I have been coming across payment proofs from different people that got paid. It seems this site is actually legit. But that is not a guarantee.

I however urge readers to be cautious before investing. Make more enquiries!


Registration legiboss.com

If you wish to join/register on this platform, you can do so by clicking HERE legiboss signup.
After doing that, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to fill in your; first name, last name, desired username, your active emal address, and your desired password(use a strong one).

After filling in all boxes, click on ‘register.’
This now makes you a member of Legiboss.com!!

Legiboss com Login Sign in

Click below to sign in to the platform

How to withdraw on legiboss.com

After some days of investment, you will need to withdraw you earnings. To place a withdrawal, log on to your dashboard. Then scroll down a bit to the part where you will boldly see ‘WITHDRAW.’

Click on withdraw and you will be taken to a new page where you will be asked to fill in your; real name, username, email adress, bank name, bank account number, mobile number, and so on. Then click on submit.

Your payment might arrive a few day after you placed the withdrawal.

Legiboss withdrawals payments proofs

We found alot of payments screenshot from Facebook users confirming legiboss to be a paying platform. Some got paid for referral. 250 naira. 1300 naira and many more.







That is a wrap. I hope you readers found this article educative. Do well to share and drop your questions or opinions in the comment box below. Thanks.

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