Ebaysir.com Reviews Scam or Legit Registration Login how it works

Ebaysir.com Reviews Scam or Legit Registration Login how it works

In today’s article, I will reveal to you readers, an amazing online platform that helps generate income in the easiest ways.
This platform makes it very stressfree for it users to earn on the platform, and the bonuses that one tends to recieve on this site are very impressive.

You might find this hard to believe, but the site I am talking about gives a registration bonus of three thousand naira(3000). Isn’t that cool?

To satisfy your curiosities, the name of this awesome platform is Ebaysir.com

What is ebaysir.com

Ebaysir, in simple words, give tasks to it members. These tasks involves placing orders on products/services.
The purpose of this is to help merchants to increase their visibility and attract more buyers to buy a service/product.

For members of Ebaysir.com, the more orders you place will determine how high your revenue would be!

Ebaysir, in their own words, said; “We recruit people from all over the world to help Amazon businesses grow, increase sales faster, gain more trust, and give praise.”

As you can see, this is an internationally owned platform.


How to make money on ebaysir.com

Now that I have given you a glimpse of what the site is based on, you may now be wondering how you can earn on the site.
Well, earning is very simple! You can earn by performing tasks(placing orders daily) and by referring/invitating members.

Either of both ways are very easy, and they both generate nice amounts of revenue.

How to invite or refers members on ebaysir.com referral program?

To invite a member, you will need to either share your referral link, referral code, or your referral QR.
The sharing of referral link method is pretty much the best.

To get your referral link, log on to your ebaysir account/dashboard. On the page, you will see a button/tab that says; “Invite.”
Click on invite, then copy and share your referral code or referral link.

Remember that once a member registers with your link or code, you and the member will be get three thousand naira! On ebaysir, everyone gets a bonus!!


Ebaysir.com packages levels plans

On this site, there are different types of members. The type of package/level you are on, will determine the type of member you will be called.
The purpose of this level is to help members earn more than the usual. However, to level up/upgrade to a bigger level is not free. They all have different prices, as well as different commisions.

Below are all the level on ebaysir.com

Experience zone: Free to unlock, 3% of total commission per day,Withdraw twice a day

VIP members: You need to pay a deposit of 5000.00 to unlock, 3.5% of total commission per day,Withdraw twice a day

Silver members: You need to pay a deposit of 3000 to unlock, 4% of total commission per day,Withdraw twice a day

Gold members: You need to pay a deposit of 300,000 to unlock, 4.5% of total commission per day,3 withdrawals per day

Platinum members: You need to pay a deposit of 800,000 to unlock, 5% of total commission per day,3 withdrawals per day

Diamond members: You need to pay a deposit of 15,000,000 to unlock, 5.5% of total commission per day,3 withdrawals per day

Note that all new members are automatically added to experience zone. This level has high limitations, so if you desire to earn more then you will have to upgrade. Once again, upgrading is not free!


When was ebaysir.com launched

The Ebaysir platform provided quite a number of important information about their platform, but unfortunately they didn’t provide the site’s date of launch.
Perhaps they will do so in future, but currently no one has any idea of when this site was launched.
Ebaysir was founded On May 27, 2021 According to the domain creation date.



Domain Information
GoDaddy.com, LLC
Registered On:
Expires On:
Updated On:
Name Servers:

How much can I make with ebaysir.com

On this site, there isn’t a limit on how much revenue you can generate. If you are in one of the top levels, then you will defini generate a lot! The small levels have low commisons. But if you are in one of those small levels, then you can earn much by getting lot of referrals. If you know lots of people who might be interested, then tell them about ebaysir.com. Then share your referral link with them.

Who is the owner of ebaysir.com investment

A lot of platforms are fond of making the ceo of their site to be anonymous.
This is the same with ebaysir!
Ebaysir.com has not made any mention of who the ceo, or founder, of the platform is. In my opinion, this shows unprofessionalism amongst them! All legit platforms should have no problem with revealing their CEO.

Is ebaysir.com Legit or a scam

We all know that no online money making site can ever be a 100% trusted! There is no guarantee about this site too. Especially with the fact that there is no information about the owner of the site.

Please, kindly take precautions before you deposit your money in this platform.
There are just too many scam platforms, and these days it is very difficult to differentiate between the legit ones and the scam ones.


Registration ebaysir.com

To register, click HERE Ebaysir. You will be asked to fill in your full name, phone number, desired password(strong one), and a referral/invitation code.
You can use this invitation code to register – 16375
After filling in all boxes and agreeing to ebaysir terms and account agreements, click on ‘sign up.’


ebaysir com Login

Click below to Login with your ebaysir Registered phone number and password



How to withdraw on ebaysir.com

Whenever you feel that you have earned a lot of revenue for yourself and you wish to cash out, you can do so by; Firstly, log on to your dashboard. Then locate the ‘fast withdraw’ tab/button and click on it. You will be taken to a new page where you will be asked for some vital and important informations about yourself and your bank details.

After providing all that was asked, you can finally click on the withdraw button.

Bear in mind that withdrawals can only be made from mondays to fridays. Also, the withdrawal time is 11 am to 8 pm. Lastly, for cash withdrawals, 8% government tax will be deducted.


Download ebaysir app 

You can download ebaysir apk from fileuplod.com to access the platform easily

Download here 

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