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If you are interested in an e-commerce site that pays you to perform tasks(e.g placing unreal orders) online, then this article was specially drafted for you!

Incase you’re not aware, many platforms have come in collaboration with websites such as Amazon, Jumia, e.t.c. to help them increase their product visibilities and assist them in making sales.

The website I am about to tell you about, the above is exactly what they do! is the name of the site. You will be updated on everything you need to know about this platform. Make sure you read to the end!

What is is an e-commerce site that claims to be in partnership with Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, Ebay, and so on.

Amz-vip ask its members to place orders, and they pay their members for doing so.



How to make money on

To earn on this site, all you have to do is to place different ‘fake’ orders on the site daily. Placing one order doesn’t take up to a minute and in a day you are required to place twenty orders. That can’t take too much of your time.

Oh, that’s not all! you can also earn by inviting/referring new members.

How to invite or refers members on referral program?

To invite a new member is one of the numerous stressfree tasks in the platform. You can do so by; Firstly, log into your amz-vip dashboard, then click on the ‘my’ tab at the bottom right corner of your screen. Then scroll down a bit till you see the ‘refer’ tab/button. Click on it.

You will immediately be shown your referral link and referral code. Share it with whoever you wish to invite. packages levels plans

For performing tasks, this e-commerce platform has different package levels/plans. The higher the level you are in, the higher your earnings and the lower your limitations.

So if you desire to earn more, the the best way is to upgrade do a higher level/membership.

Below are the six different memberships on this platform.

Silver Member

As a new member, you are automatically in this level. Silver members have the highest restrictions and limitations because this membership does not require any amount to be unlocked.

As a silver member, you will be given twenty tasks per day and you will recieve 0.27% commision.

Gold Member

Gold members also have 20 tasks to perform per day.

They get a commission ratio of 0.32%. And to unlock this membership, you will need to deposit six thousand naira(6,000).

Platinum Member

These set recieve a commision ratio of 0.37%. To unlock, you would need a whooping amount of fifty thousand naira(50,000).

Diamond Member

To unlock, you have to deposit four hundred thousand naira. For your tasks, you will be given 0.42% commission ratio!

Black Diamond Member

These set recieve a commision ratio of 0.47%. To unlock, you would need a whooping amount of one million naira(1,000,000).

Golden Diamomd Member

Being the most rewarding membership, it is also the costliest. This level grants members 0.52% commission ratio. Members need to deposit two million naira(2,000,000) to unlock this.

If you ever wish to upgrade to another membership, you can do so by heading to your amz-vip dashboard, then click on ‘tasks,’ then ‘uplevel right.’

You will be shown all varities of levels/memberships.

When was launched

Amz-vip has made it known that even if they pay in Naira, the platform is actually based in America. This was made known when they released the date, month, and the year of the platform’s launch.

They claim; “Amz-vip was developed on April 15, 2019 and is based on Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, New York.”

Registrar:, LLC
Registered On:
Expires On:
Updated On:
Name Servers:


Amz-vip founded


How much can I make with

If you really want to earn much on this site, then you will have to deposit to upgrade to a higher and more promising package/membership plan. Remember that as a new member, you can only earn little.

However, if you have a large audience of people, or fans, who you think will like to register on this type of platform then you are definitely going to earn a lot from referrals.


This site doesn’t really have limitations to earnings.

Who is the owner of investment

Though the site revealed that they ‘work with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos,’ they failed to reveal who their real boss is.

No one knows who the CEO of the platform is.

Is Legit or a scam

Even though the site has some really awesome features, I cannot guarantee that it is a legit platform because giving any online money making platform your trust can be very dangerous. I also cannot tell you that the platform is a scam.



To become a member of this platform, you will need to register by clicking HERE Amz-vip Signup.

You will be taken to a new page where some informations will be required from you. Informations such as; your preferred username, your active phone number, your desired strong password, and a referral/invitation code.

If you need an invitation code, you can use this – RY6CHJ

Before clicking on the register button, you would have to agree to their ‘terms and conditions’ first. You can then click on the ‘register’ button.

As soon as you finish registration, the site would gift you a referral bonus of two thousand naira(2,000). Isn’t that cool?! Login

Click below to sign in with AMZ-VIP

How to withdraw on

Whenever you want to withdraw your earnings, you can do so by following these steps; Firstly, log into your amz-vip dashboard, then click on the ‘withdrawal’ tab/button. You will find it beside the ‘recharge’ tab/button.

Payments proof amz-vip not available 

After clicking on withdrawal, you will be asked to required to fill in; your first name, last name, phone number, email address, your bank card number, and your bank name. After providing all necessary infos, click on the submit button.

Download AMZ-VIP App 

Download AMZ-VIP apk to easily access the platform 

Lest I forget, if you ever run out of airtime and you have some earnings on the site, you can actually buy recharge card from the site. It’s easy and stressfree!

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