Ebonlinenga.com Reviews Scam or Legit Registration Login how it works

Ebonlinenga.com Reviews Scam or Legit Registration Login how it works

Hey readers! Would you like to work in an online platform that pays you to do little tasks on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on?

Well if you think this sounds too good to be true, then you have obviously never heard of Ebonlinenga.

You work from the comfort of your home, you work whenever you feel like, and you get paid whenever you feel like placing withdrawal. This site will give you these privileges. Read on!



What is ebonlinenga.com



Ebonlinenga is an online platform that pays its memberd specific amounts of money just for performing tasks on social media. These tasks include liking, sharing, or commenting on a social media post. Immediately you preform your task for the day, your earnings will reflect on your dashboard.



The amazing thing is that a member doesn’t need to stay on this site for hours because these tasks are very easy and can be finished in less than five minutes.

It’s like making free money!!


It is a very nice platform for social media addicts because most social media users do these things on a daily basis but no one pays them for it. Trust me, this is a life time opportunity!



How to make money on ebonlinenga.com



This platform pays you for social media tasks like I just stated earlier. But that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

Members of the site can also earn by referring new members. Also, all new members of this platform are given a five hundred registeration bonus immediately registration is completed!



How to invite or refers members on ebonlinenga.com referral program?

To refer, you will need to share your referral link or code with whoever you wish.

To get your link, log into your ebonlinenga dashboard then click on the ‘team’ button/tab which is at the bottom of your screen. The site will take you to a new page where you will find your referral link and code.

You can easily copy it anytime you wish, and then share with friends and families. For every new member that registers with your referral link or code, you will get ten percent of their earnings.


Don’t you agree that this site is the coolest money making platform?!



ebonlinenga.com packages levels plans

The reason for having different pacakges/levels is for those who are ready to invest high, and for those who want to invest a low amount. The higher you invest, the more earnings you are likely to accumulate.


Free Vip

As a new member, you will automatically be in this Vip level. It doesn’t require you to have any amount of money.

In this vip level, you will be given two tasks per day and you will make sixty naira(60) per day.


Vip one

For this level, you will need to have a balance of five thousand naira before you can access it. Everyday, you will be given two tasks to perform and you will earn three hundred naira daily.


Vip two

This vip level requires members to also perform two tasks per day. However, you will be able to earn six hundred naira daily.

To unlock/access this level, a fee of ten thousand naira is required.


Vip three

This vip level can only be accessed when you have a balance of thirty thousand naira. You will be required to perform four tasks per day and you will accumulate two thousand naira daily.


Vip four

This is the last but not the least level. In this level, six tasks are performed daily and one will earn six thousand naira everyday.

To unlock/access, a balance of eighty thousand naira is required.



When was ebonlinenga.com launched 

In the ‘about us’ segment of the ebonlinenga site, they hinted that this platform was launched three years ago, but they didn’t give any actual date.

For this reason, it is safe to say that no member is certain of when this platform was launched. The platform has failed to make it known to its users.


Domain Information
GoDaddy.com, LLC
Registered On:
Expires On:
Updated On:
Name Servers:




How much can I make with ebonlinenga.com

Since the site has different vip levels, then there really isn’t a specific amount that one can earn on this platform. There isn’t a limit either.

The higher your vip level, the more you earn.


Also, you can simply keep on referring/inviting new members with your link and you will keep making more cash.




Who is the owner of ebonlinenga.com investment

When I first got to learn about this site, the first thing that ran through my mind is to know the CEO of the site. After doing numerous researches, I am still yet to find out who he, or she, is.


I am also trying to figure out why the platform has decided to make it unknown. This shows unseriousness and unprofessionalism at its peak.


Is ebonlinenga.com Legit or a scam

I cannot give any specif answer to this question. This is because I am yet to come across anyone who claims that he/she got scammed by this site. My only advice is that everyone should be cautious of all online platforms. A few are legit, while some were launched to scam people.




Registration ebonlinenga.com

To join this amazing platform, you can do that by clicking HERE ebonlinenga signup 


You will then be asked to provide your desired username, password, your bank verification number(bvn), and a referral code. Then click on ‘sign up’ to complete your registration process.


Do you need a referral code? Use this – 937043


Do not forget that you will be gifted five hundred naira immediately you successfully sign up!


ebonlinenga.com Login 


Click below to sign in with ebonlinenga



How to withdraw on ebonlinenga.com



To withdraw your accumulated earnings, simply log into your dashboard, locate the ‘my’ tab, and then click on it.


You will then have to click on ‘Withdrawal’ which is just beside the ‘Recharge’ tab. Then input in the amount you wish to withdraw, then confirm it.


Note that, the withdrawal amount cannot be less than one thousand naira. Members are allowed to withdraw just once a day. And lastly, withdrawals will be charged 20% service fee of western union.


Ebonlinenga app download 

  • To download ebonlinenga apk
  • Login to your account 
  • Go to dashboard menu 
  • Click on Download app




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