Are you a lover of Youtube and Instagram? If you are, then it obviously mean you spend almost 80% of your data watching online videos of random people that you probably have never met in life.


If so, then do you know that this hobby of you watching videos can also become a means of earning income as well?

I’m not kidding at all. You can earn a lot by watching and liking youtube and Instagram videos. Do you want to know how? Then I suggest you read to the end!





The name of the platform that has given users that amazing one in a life time opportunity is Videos-Likes. Just like the name of the platform suggests, most of the things you will be doing in this site is watching videos, liking the videos, and ofcourse making money!



What is


Video Likes claims to be a digital marketing service company from the United States. They launched this company in order to help individuals generate revenue without having to break sweat. The platform which seems to be currently doing a lot of good, has promised to do even more cool stuffs in the nearest future.




How to make money on


I believe I have talked about the main way to earn on this site, which is watching and liking videos. However, there is something you should know. In this site, there are different membership levels. This way, members are able to earn more. The higher the membership level you are in, the more you are likely to get richer.


Note that another way you can earn on this site is by referring, or inviting, new members to join Videos-Likes.



How to invite or refers members on referral program?


To refer or invite a new member, you have to copy and share your unique referral link with whomever you wish to invite. To get this referral link, log on to your dashboard and then click on the ‘invite members’ tab which is on the home screen of the Video-likes website.


You will be shown your referral code and link. Share to all families and friends.

The more you share, the more your chances of earning high. Goodluck with that!
 packages levels plans


On this site, the different membership levels are known as ‘VIP levels.’ As a new member, you in the experience user level. To earn more, you can decide to upgrade to a higher VIP level. Note that, to upgrade is not free. It requires certain US Dollars. Check out all the different levels below;


Experience user

no dollars required

Commission Per order: 0.20 dollars

Daily Profit: one

Daily Tasks: five



30 dollars required

Commission Per order: 0.20 dollars

Monthly Income: zero


Daily Tasks: five



72 dollars required

Commission Per order: 0.24 dollars

Monthly Income: seventy two

Daily Tasks: ten



210 dollars required

Commission Per order: 0.35 dollars

Monthly Income: two hundred and ten(210)

Daily Tasks: twenty



580 dollars required

Commission Per order: 0.48 dollars

Monthly Income: five hundred and seventy six(576)

Daily Tasks: fourty



1620 dollars required

Commission Per order: 0.68 dollars

Monthly Income: 1632.0000000000002

Daily Tasks: eighty



4530 dollars required

Commission Per order: 0.93 dollars

Monthly Income: 4464

Daily Tasks: one hundred and sixty(160)



11000 dollars required

Commission Per order: 1.15 dollars

Monthly Income: 11040

Daily Tasks: 320



30000 dollars required

Commission Per order: 1.56 dollars

Monthly Income: 29952.000000000004

Daily Tasks: 640



When was launched 

Even though this platform laid emphasies on where it was launched (United States), they however failed to state when it was launched.

A lot of this site operations are cool, but what is uncool is the fact that they failed to reveal the date their platform was launched. So unprofessional of them!


Domain Information
Xin Net Technology Corporation
Registered On:
Expires On:
Updated On:
Name Servers:




How much can I make with

The site has made it known that the higher your VIP level, the more you will earn. So I don’t think there are any earning limitations at all. All you have to do is, upgrade to the highest VIP level(if you can afford it). Also, refer as many new members as possible.

This will definitely make your bank account filled with numerous figures.



Who is the owner of investment

Most online money making platforms have developed the habit of keeping their CEO anonymous. Video-Likes is one of such sites.

I have dug deep into finding out even the tiniest information about who owns this platform, but I got not even a single grain of info. No one knows either the owner, or even workers, of  this platform




Is Legit or a scam

This site, just like every other online money making site, is not a 100% trusted.

It is almost impossible to find legit platforms these days which is why we should all have trust issues with online sites like this.


Just take precautions before depositing your hard earned money.




If you are interested in earning in this platform, then the first step is to register. To do so, kindly click HERE videos-likes com signup. You will then be required to provide a username(do not add any space in-between), a strong password, and a referral code.

After providing all required info, complete the registration by clicking on ‘register.’


If you do not have a referral code, use this – 1891026 Login 

Click below to sign in with videos-likes com



How to withdraw on

After earning on this site, you can place a withdrawal request by doing the following; Log on to your account dashboard, then click on ‘ME.’ Then locate the ‘Increase Balance’ tab and click on it.

You will then see a ‘withdrawal’ button. Tap on it again.


Then fill in all the required payments informations. The payment might usually takes a while to arrive.


NOTE: The minimum withdrawal amount is US $5 (about 70 ZAR), and the withdrawal must deduct a 5% handling fee and arrive within 48 hours.


I hope you readers found this article informative enough. Do well to share and drop your opinions in the comment box below. Thanks.

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