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What would you do if someone told you that you can earn a lot of money from downloading apps, playing online games, answering surveys, and so on? I’m sure you would be interested in whatever this ‘thing’ was. Well, this isn’t just a fantasy! It is very real and possible!


In this article, I will tell you about a platform that has made this possible and easy for internet users. The name.of the platform is “RewardsFam.” Have you ever come across this platform before?




What is

Rewardsfam is an international based company that provides tasks and surveys for individuals to complete. In return, these individuals get paid in US dollars.


One of the reasons I love this site is because all members receive a registration bonus of twenty five dollars(25$). Simply register and get your bonus immediately. Another thing is, the platform does not ask for a dime from its members/users. You do not need to deposit any amount before you can start earning and cashing out on this platform.


Everything is free of charge!



How to make money on

The main way to earn on this site is by performing different type of easy tasks online. These tasks includes downloading apps or playing games online. They also pay their members to make posts on social media (facebook, Instagram, twitter).


RewardsFam also give bonuses too. All users with over $100 daily earnings are eligible to win free iPhones & Apple Watches. Courtesy of the platform.


Trust me, it is a very great platform for generating revenue.

Lest I forget, you can also earn on this site by referring/inviting new members to join.




How to invite or refers members on referral program?


This site offer $15 for every person that you invite, and pay $1 every time someone clicks on your referral link. You also earn 20% of lifetime earnings of your referrals as commissions. This is the best way to maximize your earnings! Many RewardsFam users earn hundreds by sharing their referral link daily on their social media.


To refer a member is very easy, all you need to do is share your referral link with whomever you want to refer. To get your referral link, log on to your Rewardsfam account, then locate the ‘refer and earn’ tab. Your referral link will then be visible and easy for you to copy or share. If you really want to earn a lot via referral, the trick is to share to every person who is most likely going to be interested in joining this platform. packages levels plans

Since most online money making sites have different packages or levels, you might have guessed rewardsfam would not be any different. Well you guessed wrong! This platform does not have any membership levels. All members are equal, and upgrading to a higher level does not apply in this site.



When was launched 

When going into an online platform that involves having to dedicate your time, it is smart to always ask when the platform was launched.

In the case of Rewardsfam, after numerous research, there is literally no knowledge of the date, month, or year this platform was launched. Perhaps, the site prefers to keep it unknown.


Domain Information
NameCheap, Inc.
Registered On:
Expires On:
Updated On:
Name Servers:




How much can I make with


On rewardsfam, making a lot of money is an understatement. There is just no limit on how much one can make in a day, talkless of in a month. Imagine you are able to refer ten members in a day. This actually mean you will bag one hundred and fifty dollar(150$). If you keep referring, you will keep earning!

Let’s not also forget that there are daily tasks that can bring in extra cash too.


Don’t you just love this site?!



Who is the owner of investment


There is no primary knowledge about who owns or runs the site. Apparently, they prefer to keep him/her anonymous.


If you are hell bent on discovering this piece of the puzzle(i.e. who the owner of the site is), then I would suggest you contact their customer care service. Maybe they might decide to release information about the CEO of the site.




Is Legit or a scam

Just like I always say, no online money making site can be a 100% trusted. This is because, if they decide to pay their members when they are newly launched doesn’t mean they will continue paying everyone till the platform closes.


The bitter truth is that, in most cases these online sites are based on luck! If you are lucky you might get paid, and if you are not….


However, in rewardsfam site, there is a page where you can see different payment proof of different members. We can only hope and pray that this site is a 100% legit. But currently, there is no certainty!




If you want to be part of those that are earning in this great platform, then the first step is to register. To do so, kindly click HERE rewardsfam signup 


You will have to click on register, then fill in your correct email address and your desired password(use a strong one that you can always remember).


Immediately you finish registration, you will get your registration bonus of twenty five dollars(25$). I would advice you to begin earning as soon as you successfully finish your registration process.

The earlier the better! Login 

Click below to sign in on rewardsfam




How to withdraw on

Whenever you have accumulated your satisfied earnings and you wish to withdraw, you can do so by logging into your dashboard. Then locate the ‘cashout and payment’ tab/button.

After that, select the method which you want to receive your payment. You can choose payment by bank transfer, PayPal, wire transfer, or bitcoin.


Whichever you prefer, select it and then provide all necessary informations. It shouldn’t take more than fourty eight hours(48 hrs) for your payment to arrive.


Happy earnings!


That is a wrap. I hope you readers found this article educative. Kindly share and drop your questions in the comment box below. Thanks for reading.

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