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Every internet user aspires to own crypto currency! This is because we all know the advantages of being a crypto owner.

Crypto can sky-rocket you from a millionaire to a billionaire, in just a few days!

However, crypto currencies can be really costly.


If you aspire to be a crypto owner, then reading this article to the end would be very beneficial to you.


I recently got to find out about a site that one can mine crypto from. This platform makes people rich in the most unbelievable way.

It is similar to an investment platform, but you will actually be investing bitcoins and reaping bitcoins.


The platform is known as Bixy.

They deal with almost everything related to bitcoins.


On this platform, you can earn six figures if you stay dedicated and devoted. Kindly make sure you read to the end.

What is 

Bixy is an online bitcoin mining and money making platform that was launched to provide financial success for individuals.


With, nothing could possibly go wrong. You just have to register, deposit as little as 0.003 btc, and then start gaining profits after a few days. It’s that easy!

Also, the platform is so generous that they claim to offer 300 GH/s free hashpower as a gift to introduce their company to your presence and create a mutual trust.


With this hashpower registeration bonus, you can immediately begin earning without having to deposit bitcoins.

This site is just filled with cool qualities.

How to make money on 


To earn on this platform is one of the easiest things to do. You just simply have to deposit some crypto coins and wait while your coins increases as the days go by.


You don’t have to perform any task to increase your coins. Just wait.

Lest I forget, there is another cool way you can make money from this site.


This involves you inviting and convincing your friends, families, and colleagues to register or join the platform.


You will get certain commisions/profit anytime you invite a new member. And since invitation has no limits, then you can invite hundreds, or even thousands, of new members.

How to invite or refers members on  referral program?



When you refer a new member, and that member deposits bitcoin in his account, you will get bonuses immediately. Below is how to refer/invite a member;

Firstly, log into your account dashboard Then tap on the side bar menu which is at the top left corner of your phone screen.


Then click on the ‘referral’ tab. You will be taken to a page where your referral link will be visible to you.

From there, you can easily copy qnd share the link to any of your friends and families.


Share to as many as possible,because the more you share, the more your chances of earning high amounts of cash.  deposit levels plans



The platform has three different levels for it’s members. All three levels vary when it comes to the profits.

Bonus Level one


Profit of seven percent.

Bonus Level two


Profit of two percent.

Bonus Level three


Profit of one percent.

When was launched 



This platform isn’t really transparent with it’s users/members. They failed to reveal some vital infos to their members and one of those information includes not revealing when the platform was launched.

Perhaps, they aren’t aware of how important this is to their members. But it is ‘very’ important!


However, they made known their office address. So if you wish to learn more about, you can head over to their office located at Two Gateway Center, Suite 1602, Newark NJ 07102, USA


Domain Information
Registrar: LLC
Registered On:
Expires On:
Updated On:
Name Servers:

How much can I make with 



On this platform, it seems it would be possible to earn billions.


Bitcoin is the largest and most recognizable crypto coin in the world. And since you are investing bitcoin in thie site, then making about nine figures shouldn’t be a mere fantasy. It is very possible!

There are just no limits on how much one can make on this great platform.

Who is the owner of  investment

It is always important to know the CEO or owner of a platform like Bixy. The reason is beacause, if anything is ti ever go wrong, then you would know who to run to.

If you are you curious on who the founder of is? Well, that makes two of us. There is literally no idea on who owns or runs the operation of this site. I don’t know why they failed to reveal the owner to the members.


Is Legit or a scam

There is no guarantee as to whether this site is legit or a scam. The platform has cool features, no doubts. But there are scam platforms out there with even more cooler features.

Readers, kindly take precautions before depositing your money in just any online platform you come across.




To register, simply click HERE signup. You will then be required to provide some informations, such as; your full name, email address, username, referral code, and desired passsord. Login 

Click below to sign in with Bixy io website

You can use this referral code – 48394

How to withdraw on


If you have accumulated as low as 0.0002 bitcoins, you are free to place withdrawals anytime you wish. But before you can place withdrawal, you will need to provide your bitcoin wallet address to your profile first.

If you have done that, then follow the following steps to place withdrawals.


Firstly, log into your account dashboard, then click on the side menu button.


Select and click on the ‘withdraw earnings’ tab. You will be taken to a new page where you have to fill in the amount of bitcoins you desire to withdraw.

After doing that, click on ‘submit transaction.’

The good thing is that, the platform does not charge any fees on deposits or withdrawals, your money is yours! Also, you can cash out your bitcoin just twenty four hours after your bitcoin investment.

In this platform, there is just no such thing as hassles!

Bixy video withdrawals proof or payments proof

Bixy video
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