Blaqsbi Review Scam or Legit Registration Sign up how it works

Blaqsbi Review Scam or Legit Registration Sign up how it works

In as much as social media platforms(e.g facebook, Instagram , twitter blaqsbi ) is fun, we cannot deny the fact that it has only little impact in our lives. These platforms only earn money for the developers, and a few celebrities.


But for we the ‘normal’ folks, social media is more of a big distraction where we post only to have fun and forget about our worries.

Well what if I told you that I know of a platform that is just as similar as facebook, twitter, and instagram, but in this said platform, you get paid for posting.


It is a really cool site that one can earn a fortune for doing the usual stuffs done on the internet!


Now that I have your full attention, let me tell you about the amazing Blaqsbi online platform. Make sure you read to the every end, so that you don’t miss any important info.


What is is an online money making media platform launched mainly for black people. In their words; “Our mission is to be the ultimate media platform for black people.”


On blaqsbi, what you mainly have ro do is to earn points. These points are referred to as “Bmunt.”


Any member can easily earn “Bmunt” (points) by simply sharing pictures, videos, opinions and reviews on the platform.


On this platform, it is simply a case of ‘you post, you get paid!


How to make money on 



To make money on blaqsbi, you need to create lot of posts.


Here is how it works; “Imagine you have just 1,000 Instagram followers and about 500 posts adding about 30 posts a week. Do you have any idea how much earning that is on Blaqsbi.


Let us break it down for you. The 1,000 members can earn you up to  $12,500. Those 500 posts can earn you up to $2,500. That is $15,000 from the people already following you now and posts you already created.”


Here are all the ways to earn on;


*You can earn up to 100,000 bmunts when you complete a challenge.


*You get 1,000 bmunts simply for joining our family.


*You earn 1,000 bmunts for each member who becomes Blaqard certified.


*You earn up to 1,000 bmunts for each report of legitimate bug or issue.


*You earn 100 bmunts for each new and verified member you invite to a huddle.


*You can earn up to 100 bmunts for each badge that other members award you.


*You earn 25 bmunts for each post that gets promoted.


*You earn 10 bmunts for every member who joins a Huddle that you created.


*You earn 5 bmunts for every member who follows you.


*You earn up to 5 bmunts when other members score your post or your comment.


*You earn 3 bmunts when other members comment on your post.


*You earn 3 bmunts when other members repost your post.


*You earn 1 bmunt when other members like your post.


*You earn 1 bmunt each time your social media shared post is viewed.


Note that, you can also decide to earn by referring/inviting new members.


How to invite or refers members on  referral program?


To refer a new member to join the platform, you will need to first get then share your unique referral link. To get your link; log into your blaqsbi account dashboard, then locate the referral tab and click on it.


From there, simply copy and share your referral link to whomever you wish to invite.


You will earn 10% of the total bmunts(points) earned by all the members you invite. packages levels plans


Unlike many other money making sites, blaqsbi does not have any membership level for its members.


All users of the platform are equal, and no one has any edge than another.


When was launched 


Blaqsbi is not a recently launched platform. The site has been going on for a few years now, and the platform doesn’t look like one that is coming to an end anytime soon.


To satisfy your curiosities, was launched three years ago. The exact date is uncertain.


Domain Information
Registrar:, LLC
Registered On:
Expires On:
Updated On:
Name Servers:


How much can I make with 



On this money making media platform, one can make as much as you dedicate. Because the more you post and refer, the more money you accumulate. Therefore, how much you desire to make, depends on how much of your time you are willing to dedicate.


In truth, you can actually earn ‘a lot.’ That’s what I can assure you.


Who is the owner CEO of  investment


Incase you didn’t know, this platform is an international one. The owner, whose real name is Dimitry Saint-Pierre, hails from the United States of America.


Dimitry, who is a black American, claimed he launched the site for the purpose of all black men to have a stand in society.


Is Legit or a scam


After doing some research ‘here and there,’ I have come to a vonclusion that Blaqsbi might be a legit platform.


All over the internet, there have been payment proofs from blaqsbi.


Note that, this is not a guarantee that the platform is a 100% legit! Some online money making platforms have paid its members in the past, but eventually ended up scamming more members. Beware!!


Registration blaqsbi sign up


To join or register on this mind-blowing site, simply click HERE signup


You will first be asked to provide your email address. Then your desired username, full name, ans your desired password.


You will also need to activate your account by confirming your email address. That’s all!


blaqsbi Login 

Click below to sign in with blaqsbi platform and get to know what this platform is all about. Use email and password to Login. Login 


How to withdraw on


Since there is currently no cash out feature on Blaqsbi, the only way one can withdraw is to use Bmunts to checkout PayPal, Bitcoin, mobile money, gift cards, electronics, apparel, etc from the blaqsbi store.


blaqsbi app download

You can download the app to make the platform easier to ask. download app.


Bear in mind that the minimum needed to check out “Blaqsbi sponsored” items from their store, is 5,000 Bmunts.


Once you have five thousand bmunts, or more, you can simply convert it to bitcoins, gift cards, or any of the others.


Happy earning!

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