Oraclez Reviews Scam or Legit Sign up Login how it works

Oraclez Reviews Scam or Legit Sign up Login how it works

Investment isn’t as easy as it used to be back in the days. Now, one has to invest for about three months to get just little returns. This makes people less enthusiastic about investing. Hence, the reason why we have only few investors these days!


Well, I have got a solution for this! 



I recently came across an online platform that is all about investments between ‘peers.’ The platform has different types of investment packages.

The juciest part is that one can invest and get return on investmemt(roi) in just fifteen days. Isn’t that cool?!


The name of the investment platform is Oraclez.Net


What is 

Oraclesz is a peer to peer donation exchange. It involves a member(you) investing/ depositing money into your ‘upliners account.’

Then depending on your package level, you will get back your returns on the stipulated date.


The platform has no complications. It is very easy to navigate and understand. There are zero hurdles involved!


How to make money on 

This platform deals mostly with investments. To make money, you have to decide the package you prefer, make payments, and then wait for a few days to place withdrawals. Note that, this is the main way to earn but it is not the only way to earn on the website.


The other way one can make money is by inviting, a.k.a referring, new

members to join the platform.

Earning by referrals is also cool and very easy. One can easily refer a member in just a minute.


Wondering how this can be done? Read on!


How to invite or refers members on  referral program?


To refer or invite a member, you will need to locate your personal referral link. To get your link; log on to your dashboard, click on the menu bar, then locate the referral tab.

From there, you can easily copy and share your referral link to friends, families, and colleagues.

The more you share your link, the more your chances of getting more referral bonuses!


Each time you refer, you get 600 rands extra bonus.  packages levels plans



Before you can invest on, you will have to select your preferred package.

All packages vary in different ways, so you simply have to choose one that you find befitting for you.

Below are all the packages on this platform;



You can simply donate to your peer and wait only for 15 days to get your capital + 40% interest.



You can donate to your peer and wait for 30 days to get your capital + 60% interest.


45 Days

You can donate to your peer and wait only 45 days to get a massive lump sum of your capital + 80% interest.


60 Days

You can donate to your peer and wait only 60 days to get a massive lump sum of your capital + 100% interest.


When was  launched 

Many investores are really not interested in the date a site was launched, but a few are.


Unfortunately, failed to reveal quite a number of things to their members, and one of those things includes the date the platform was launched. For some reasons, the platform owners have kept the date a secret, and literally no member has any idea.


However, if you really want to get an answer to this question, then I would suggest you query their customer care representative or visit their office.


Domain Information oraclez

Registrar:NameCheap, Inc.

Registered On:2021-04-06

Expires On:2022-04-06

Updated On:2021-04-07




How much can I make with 


On, the higher you wish to invest, the higher amount you are most likely going to make. And vice versa. So therefore, investing in the highest package level/plan will attain you high amount of money.


There is simply no limit on how much you can earn.

Let’s not also forget that if you keep referring new members, you are going to earn way more than the usual.


You want to earn a lot on Then invest high, and refer more!

Only then, will you know how much you can make on the platform.


Who is the owner of  investment

Another information failed to provide, is info concerning their CEO. All members have not even the slightest idea of who owns the site.


Whether it is a HE or a SHE, no one knows!


If you are intent on finding out, you can visit their office at 115 W 42nd,New York,NY 10036 US. Or simply texr their customer care rep.


Is  Legit or a scam is just like every other investment platform out there. It is similar to those we have seen in the past. And truth be told, most of those we have seen in the past ended up a scam.


Therefore, we should all be cautious before investing in the platform. is not a 100% trusted, aspiring investors should beware! Going on to invest in the site is a risk.





If you wish to join this investment platform, click HERE oraclez net signup 


You will be redirected to a page where you will need to provide info such as; your desired username, first and last name, your phone number, your email adress, a strong password, and a referral code.


You will then need to confirm your email address to activate your account.

Once your account has been successfully activated, you may now invest and begin earning instantly! Login 


To sign in to oraclez net click below

How to withdraw on


Withdrawal is only possible when you have invested a sum.

To withdraw, log on to your oraclez dashboard, then click on the menu bar, locate the withdraw tab and click on it.


You will then need to fill in your bank informations. allows members to withdraw via crypto or bank account.


Choose whichever method you prefer, then provide all necessary informations.

You are likely going to get your payment twenty four hours(24 hrs) after placing withdrawals.

Happy earning!


I hope you readers found this article educative. Do well to share and drop your opinions in the comment box below. Thank you for reading.

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