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Over the years, I have come across all sort of money making sites with different rules, regulations, and mode of operations. Some ot these sites are cool, a few were meant to exploit their members, and many were for the sole purpose of scamming.

In truth, finding the perfect money making platform can seem impossible, but it is not! Just recently, I came across one money making site that I can call the best and coolest online earning site!

Welcome to cla1nov or classnovost Review, Know how to join or signup. Benefit of joining and more

This platform not only gives users the privilege to earn, it is also gives it members knowledge in so many ways. What more?! The platform allows members to earn without asking for any fees whatsoever. It is absolutely free!

No registration fee! No investments required! Totally free!

The name of this amazing site is

Keep on reading to get all the info that there is to know about this mind blowing site.

What is 

Classnovost is a media house that publishes contents on their site. Then members of the platform simply have to read these contents and answer simple surveys(questions) pertaining to the article they read.

You instantly get paid after answering the questions!

“Classnovost is free for analyzing and polling the latest news – no investment of your personal money.”

Anyone and everyone is free to join and earn on the platform.

Over thirty five news items are added to classnovost every day. Your task is to simply read the latest news and answer the survey(just three questions).

You stand a chance to earn about 100 dollars from reading news daily.

So cool, right?!

How to make money on 

On this platform, there are just two ways to make money.

The first method(also the main method) involves reading of news and answering surveys. This method allows you to gain information and earn money at the same time. It doesn’t involve any complexities or ‘hard to understand’ parts.

The second method to earn on Classnovost is by referring(or invite) new members to join the platform using your referral link. You can invite your, friends and families so you can earn extra money.

Note: For each friend, you will receive $55 dollars , as well as 10% of the income of all your friends!

How to invite or refers members on  referral program?

To invite a friend, simply log on to your classnovost account dashboard. Scroll down a bit, and you will be shown your referral link.

You can then easily copy and share it to whoever you wish.

Bear in mind that there is no limit on the number of individuals you can refer, so keep sharing and keep earning!!  packages levels plans

Unlike many other famous online money making platforms, does not have packages levels/plans.

Perhaps the site feels that it will probably complicate things, so they decided to not use it.

Besides, sites that use levels/plans are mostly investment sites. Classnovost is not an investment site!

When was launched 

Unfortunately, this platform did not state when it was launched. I did a lot of digging, but got no answer to this question.

It would seem the founders of the site prefer to keep the date of launch a secret.

Classnovost domain age creation date and expiration date 

Domain Information

Registered On:
Expires On:
Updated On:
Name Servers:

How much can I make with 

On classnovost, there is ‘minimum withdrawal but there is no ‘maximum withdrawal.’

There is no such thing as ‘limitation of earnings.’ One can make as much as he/she desires. All you have to do is keep on reading daily, weekly, and even monthly. Also, don’t forget to keep referring.

Once you have accumulated as much earnings as possible, you may go ahead and withdraw it all.

However, if you are not satisfied with your earnings, you can keep on reading and referring

Making money on this platform is just so simple, fun filled, and stress free. It’s even better than the ‘American dream.’ LOL

Who is the owner of  investment

Even though this platform has quite a number of amazing traits, there are also some disappointing and bad traits too. One of them includes not revealing the CEO of the platform. It is really uncomfortable working for a platform that no one knows, or have an idea, of the founder(s).

If anything goes south, the members of classnovost have no one to run to or seek help from.

Is  Legit or a scam

Classnovost does not have any intentions to scam anyone. Here is why;

The platform is not asking it members to invest any amount of money. Also, they do not ask for important informations from anyone.

If you ask me, I would say their intentions ‘seem’ legit. However, readers are adviced to still remain vigilante and cautious.


To join or register on classnovost is completely free! And easy too.

All you just have to do is click HERE classnovost sign up.

You will then be required to fill in your names, username, a strong password, and your email address. Login 

The one way to sign in with classnovost is by using your Registered Email for example gmail address and password to Login to your account. Click below to login

After doing so, click on register. And that’s all!

You may now begin reading and answering simple surveys, referring new members, and accumulating cool cash on the classnovost site.

How to withdraw on

Before you can place a few withdrawal, you must first have a balance of $777 dollars or more. Although this seems like a high amount, but on classnovost it is only a little amount. This is because you can earn $777 in just seven days.

On a daily basis, one can earn $111, so  you can make $777 exchange rands in just seven days and then apply for withdrawal on the seventh day.

To place withdrawal; simply log on to your account dashboard, then locate the ‘balance’ tab and click on it.

You can then go ahead to fill in your payment informations before finally placing withdrawal.

Within twenty four hours, you are likely to get a credit alert from your bank!

Try to remain patient.

Thank you for reading. I hope you readers found this article educative. Do well to share and drop your comments in the comment box below.

classnovost video

Classnovost payouts payments withdrawals proof

according to some Facebook users they claims classnovost is real and not fake you can see their withdrawals proof below screenshots.

Nevertheless some still claims the platform is scam and not real. What do you have to say about this don’t forget to comment. To be able to comment use your email. Name and any website link. Example.

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  1. admin

    By Dannrhey Temorcina
    I’m reviewing this site and I close to payout so i will update very soon when my payout is received.

    1. Sishy

      I witdraw twice and no money received

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    1. Sishy

      I got 10 referals and nothing

  3. admin

    User Tee comments from trustpilot
    SMART SCAM, watch out!!
    I hate it when you research a website and you think all is in order and its not. I think Google must protect us on these scammers. Classnovost could not pay my first$886, thry added 124 news to complete, i did and now they add 85, i even did 2nd withdrawal which the system cant even add. I wrote to support twice no response..

  4. admin

    A new user comment
    Big and SMART scam guys. Stop promoting CLASSNOVOST. Their website is valid but they dont pay. They keep adding tasks to do

  5. admin

    Class novost it’s a scam once you cashout it will be like this yet you have reached target of 777 👐stop wasting your data

  6. Nozipho

    Only 48 news can’t wait to finish them and see is it legit or not will come back give them 5 stars when I receive payment

  7. Nomsa

    If you think you will get money after completing tasks then think again😂😂😂 they will keep adding more things to do and you won’t even ask anyone anything because they don’t respond to people.

  8. Tania

    SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t waste your time. SCAMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tt

    Scam they keep adding things to do when its time to pay and no response frm contact team


  10. Alice

    You said to cash out after $777 but you required to read more news and invite a friend when you have 10+ referals .it will write you have to read 60 more news to receive your payment or you have been paid $784 while the money has not reached you

  11. thando

    this is a scam that keeps on requiring more tasks to be done

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