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“Why waste your time on social media doing nothing, when you can simply earn money with your data connection?”

I’m quite sure that this is a question you must have come across at one point in your life.


This post was presented by reviews  make money for free by doing simple tasks.


Well, if you are wondering possible it is to make money with your onlinr data, then let me tell you about Tfx.Kim


In this writeup, all necessary informations about Tfx.Kim will be stated.

You will find out; If is legit or a scam, how to make money on, how to register on, an so on…


Enjoy the article!


What is is an online site that has made it easy for internet users to earn money in the simplest ways you can ever imagine.

To the surprise of many, despite making it easy to earn on this site, the platform owners also made it possible for users to make money without having to deposit a dime on the platform.



This means you can register, make money, and withdraw for free on the site.


Just so you know, this site gives all members one thousand naira bonus for registering on the platform.


How to make money on 

There are two ways to make money here.

The first way is by performing tasks on social media. These tasks can be watching youtube videos, liking and sharing posts on facebook, Instagram, twitter.

As you can see, these are the regular things most of us do on a daily basis. The only difference now is that, you’ll get paid for it.


The second way to make money on is through referral.

Referral means inviting a person to join the site. So when you refer a member, you get paid for it.



How to invite or refers members on  referral program?

To refer or invite a member, what you need to do is share with them your referral link or code.


To get your link or code; log into your account, locate the ‘invite friends tab,’ then click on it.

From there copy your referral link and code, then share to all friends and families to earn much.  packages levels plans has six different packages/plans which is called the vip levels.

These vip levels are meant for people with different budgets and aims. For instance, if you have no money, then you can stick to vip zero. But note thay, those in vip one tend to earn more then those in vip zero.

The higher your vip, the more tasks and earnings you get.


Check out all the vip levels on and their features;



Price: NGN0.00

Daily Revenue: NGN60

Daily Task Nums: 1

Completed Task Nums: 0

Required Balance: NGN1000


VIP1 NGN1500.00

Daily Revenue: NGN120

Daily Task Nums: 2

Completed Task Nums: 0

Required Balance: NGN3500


VIP2 NGN8000.00

Daily Revenue: NGN210

Daily Task Nums: 4

Completed Task Nums: 0

Required Balance: NGN8000


VIP3 NGN40000.00

Daily Revenue: NGN550

Daily Task Nums: 8

Completed Task Nums: 0

Required Balance: NGN40000


VIP4 NGN80000.00

Daily Revenue: NGN940

Daily Task Nums: 10

Completed Task Nums: 0

Required Balance: NGN80000


VIP5 NGN150000.00

Daily Revenue: NGN1250

Daily Task Nums: 15

Completed Task Nums: 0

Required Balance: NGN150000


Please be adviced to follow your budget. Do not invest more than you have.

The prices represents how much you need to unlock the vip level  The daily revenue and tasks is how much you can earn in a day and how much tasks you can perform.



When was  launched 

Many internet users have been asking this same question too. “When was launched?”


Unfortunately, we don’t have answer to this question. In fact, no one has answer.


This is because the site has kept it a secret from the public.

So far so good, there has not been any mention of this money making site date of launch.

‘Maybe’ in future, we’ll have an answer to this question.


How much can I make with 

How much you want to make on totally depends on you! The site claims that members can earn very large amount of money, and since there didn’t state any maximum earning amount, it simply means members can earn as much as they desire.


Want to earn a lot of Then you should upgrade to a higher vip level and get lots of referrals.

It would help.


Who is the owner of  investment

Another information we are yet to find out about, is who the owner is.


Apparently, this site is yet to learn what transparency is.

They made no attempt to reveal who the ceo or owner is. In my opinion, this is a show of unprofessionalism from


Is legit or a scam

We cannot give a specific answer to this question. might actually be legit now, but that doesn’t guarantee that they won’t change their ways in the future. 


Please be cautious of the type of platforms you invest in.

Instead of investing and being scammed, why not be a free member and earn without depositing a dime!



To register on, click HERE signup. Then provide your phone number, desired password, and an invitation code.


You can use this invitation code – 111353


To complete the registration process, click on ‘register.’


Login  tfx kim


How to withdraw on

Before attempting withdrawal, you should note these withdrawal rules:

 1. Members are allowed to withdraw only once a day.

 2. Withdrawal will be charged at 15% service fee of Western Union.

 3. Withdrawals will be received the next day, and withdrawals initiated on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be received the following Monday.


Now, here is how to place withdrawal; Firstly, log into you account dashboard, click on ‘my’ tab(it is at the bottom right corner).

After that, click on ‘wallet tab,’ then select ‘withdrawal.’


You will then be required to provide your correct bank details and the amount you wish to withdraw.

Once you have done all these, patiently await your payment.

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