tykline.net.com vue app Reviews Scam or Legit sign up Login how it works

tykline.net.com vue app Reviews Scam or Legit sign up Login how it works




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Looking for ways to make money online, well search no more because you have landed on the right blog of Reviews. Online money has a higher returns and less time taken different from offline jobs. You can be making money just with your smartphone while sitting at home. 


 Alots of Africans still believe that it’s impossible to make money online and some are even wandering seeing you holding phones daily without knowing what you are doing. Some thinks you are wasting your time instead of finding physical jobs you can do. This is something we are all victims of. Well the world is changing and technology is advancing to next levels. 


Actually the 5 most richest people in the world who are Elon musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, mark Zuckerberg and finally Jack ma of Alibaba all depends on online money to make a living. This people are worth more than $60 billion dollars. 


So use this as an example that online money is a great opportunity for those that knows how it works. Well enough of the talking and motivation. Let get to why you are here. You want to know what’s tykline.net platform all about. Presentation. How it works and many more. Once again thanks for following.

According to users opinions 

Tank you Vue app got my payment💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 you can join me too..it free you only need data.


 you get R100 welcome bonus plus R10 per refferal🥳🥳🥳 let grab it guys it still new💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 


After you register wait for the app to download


To do task on home they is level 1 written in Orange

Press it than on your right press grab order


You get 15 orders everyday which gives you R9.60


Minimum withdrawal is R300




I made a R300(charges 18%) withdrawal this Morning around 9am and guess what I received my payment from EOW just now🤗This is my first withdrawal.Let’s join EOW ( E-commerce Online worker )-It’s 100% legit and the investment return is amazing.

I’ve invested R300×2 For 7 days,after getting my investment return I’ll withdraw and invest again.it’s free to Join,

you only need data and a smartphone.Register now and get R100 as a welcome bonus,get R100 everytime when inviting 20 people(No longer 10) to join

and Also R9 for completing 15-16 tasks per day(It takes only seconds to complete the tasks).In order to complete the tasks you need to Click on LV1 under order finance.

Minimum withdrawal is R300.After successfully registering the App will automatically download.Referral code is wfxujxpp. Here is the link to register





What is tykline.net


tykline.net claimed to be a smart marketing platform that allows members to earn money per tasks done. tykline.net gives each new Registered members 100 rands in other to complete tasks. The platform stated that through recharge and upgrade you can earn upto 4 000 rands daily. Which means you have to upgrade your levels with real money in other to earn more money. Nevertheless we make it clear to you that this platform is another’s strategy of ponzi scheme. tykline.net is similar to fixmyptwallet, and bambooglobalization.


Once you are a registered member at api.tykline.net.com or tykline.net you will be given tasks to complete daily in other to earn money. Like referring new users to the platform, ordering of new products.


Welcome to tykline.net Smart Marketing Platform.




The task can be completed without spending money, and the maximum daily income

reaches tens of thousands of 

Money-making tips for beginners:


① After registering, you will get.R100.immediately,

so you can do your task and get

prizes. Through recharge and upgrade, you can earn up to R4,000per day. The

balance can be withdrawn at any time

② If you invite friends to register and recharge, you will get bonus referral R10.



About tykline.net company 


At vue app, their 10 Core Values are more than just words. They’re a way of life. In January 2005, Zappos polled employees on what they thought the company’s core values should be. Hundreds of ideals were submitted, which resulted in 37 foundational themes. This list was further narrowed down, and on February 14, 2006, the Core Values were introduced. Besides being distinctive, these beliefs create a framework for Zappos’ actions. These values guide everything we do, including how we interact with our employees, how we interact with our customers and community, and how we interact with our vendors and business partners. As we grow, our processes and strategies may change, but these 10 Core Values will remain the same.


1999, Nick swinmurn was shopping in a shopping mall in San Francisco, looking for e-commerce inspiration. A store has the right style, but not the right color. The color of the other shop is right, but the size is not right. After searching for hours, Nick was empty handed and depressed. At that time, Nick decided to quit his daily job and solve the problem himself by identifying the gap between customer needs and what online retail could do. The idea is simple in concept, but not so simple in implementation. Nick wants to serve customers who want to order through catalogues and mail orders but can’t find them in local stores. So he founded ShoeSite.com It was soon renamed vue app The name is an adaptation of the word “zapatos” in Spanish. After years of efforts, vue app now has thousands of e-commerce products, which can meet various needs and occasions.


We want to make it clear to users that the above quote is from fixmyptwallet.com and tykline.net is a South African platform we believe that fixmyptwallet.com has no relation with the tykline.net.com who is own and founded by unknown south African.




How to make money on tykline.net


Before you can start making money on tykline.net first make sure you have agree to its terms and conditions. Actually there are 4 ways to make money on tykline.net which are listed below; 


Vue app Order Profit: make money by ordering of products with your recharge balance.


Vue app Invitation Profit: Make money by inviting friends and family to join the tykline.net platform. This can be done easily by sharing your referral link to social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp.


Vue app Financial Profit: This is the most controversial and interesting part. You make money from the money you invested on tykline.net app. You will get 30% return for 15 days, 70%  return for 30 days, 250% return for 90 days and finally 700% return for 180 days.



Recharge & Withdrawal: this is simply the process of adding money to tykline.net in other to complete task or upgrade. So whenever you make profit you can withdraw your money.


You might find this good if you know paying Site
People who are looking for money
Im here to help
Although it’s a slow process but it’s useful and good coz you get real money and you can withdraw at Shoprite or spar or pep if you don’t have bank account

You do tasks everyday and a week you make R150
In 2weeks
You makesR300
Minimum withdrawal is R250




How to invite or refers members on tykline.net referral program?



The referral Program of tykline.net goes by; Invite friends to join, successfully register and recharge on tykline.net.com, you will get part of the Commission of friends, the Commission varies according to different member levels.


tykline.net invite tasks jobs


1. Refers an active friend to get the corresponding level of reward. The more friends you invites, the more gifts you will get.


2. Active friends are those who successfully register and recharge more than R4000 on tykline.net.


3. In addition to the gifts of this activity, you can also get part of the Commission of

the goods ordered by your friends.


Invite 1 active member

Hadish task:R250

Invite 2 active member

Hadish task:500

Invite 5 active member

Hadish task:1500

Invite 10 active member

Hadish task:3000

Invite 20 active member

Hadish task:6000

Invite 50 active member

Hadish task:5000

Invite 100 active member

Hadish task:.30000

Invite 200 active member

Hadish task: 60000


Invite your friends to join tykline.net now! and you get 8%  commission for the stuff your friend bought just by dividing your referral links.

Friends level 1:8%

Friends level 2:6%

Friends level 3:5%


tykline.net packages levels plans 

The tykline.net Membership system is quite interesting you can find the plans below.


After successfully registering your account on tykline.net, you will be assigned to membership VIP1. That means the level one will ne given to you for free.



1.The nominal withdrawal limit per time is 10000

2.The number of messages that can be solved is 12.

3.The result of the recommendation is 8%/6%/5%

Can draw 1 hook a day



1.The nominal withdrawal limit per time is 100000

2.The number of messages that can be solved is 12.

3.The result of the recommendation is 10%/7%/5%

Can draw 2 hook a day



1.The nominal withdrawal limit per time is 250000

2.The number of messages that can be solved is 12.

3.The result of the recommendation is 12%/8%/5%

Can draw 3 hook a day


 When was tykline.net launched


The platform domain tykline.net.com is 10 days old. Which mark the tykline.net as a newly launched platform. As matters of facts. This platform called tykline.net is 99% a scam platform. Similar to many that crashed before.



How much can I make with tykline.net


The tykline.net claims that a member can make upto to 42000 naira daily just with the recharge and upgrade method and ordering of products. It means the more you invest the more you will make. 


Is tykline.net Legit


We don’t know wether the platform tykline.net is legitimate paying platform right now but the site claims to have been paying we couldn’t find any payments proof.

So if any readers have payments proof drop it at the comment section in other to confirm the legitimacy of tykline.net.com.



Is tykline.net scam


We can’t label tykline.net as a scam platform right now as there is not enough proof of Scam alert yet. If any readers discovered or was Scam by this platform don’t forget to drop your Comment in the comments section.


 Registration tykline.net.com

Go to www.tykline.net.com 

Sign up with your phone number and password 

You will be ask to download and install tykline.net 

After installing the app. Login with your details 



Login tykline.net.com 

First download vue app  tykline.net 

To Login input your phone number in the box given to you

Input your password on the second box

Click on Login button 



 Who is tykline.net owner or CEO?


There is no information about owner of tykline.net.com platform. He or she is unknown. We believe that this platform is very suspicious any loss or gain is solely your responsibility.



tykline.net withdrawals minimum

There is no minimum withdrawals on tykline.net but the platform ask users to register for USDT before they can withdraw their earnings. 

Cash withdrawal process

Step ①: You need register a account for USDT.

Step ②: You need download the App for USDT.

Step ③: Input your amount for withdrawal, and

touch “Confirmation” is OK.



Conclusion tykline.net


I shared with you passive and stable income opportunities using tykline.net.com reviews where earn per sponsorship ads is mandatory. I am not responsible for your investments, I am neither representative nor responsible for any company. If you believe this platform is fake don’t forget to drop your comment below.

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