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Ponzi scheme remains one of the quickest ways to make money in Nigeria, nevertheless it’s the most tough ways to make money currently in Nigeria as it can crash at anytime, in a time that you are not expecting it to crashed. So today a new platform called income was launched today 27 of June 2021.

Make Money Daily to your Nigerian Bank Account everyday by doing tasks daily and as well inviting your friends and family to join, as you also get rewarded massively for that. 


What is  affirm to be a sustainable, reliable and transparent activity/affiliates platform that is setup to take good control of your financial needs on daily basis, keep in mind that is a ponzi scheme so invest wisely. make it easier for every members to earn regularly. Since you spend daily, you are supposed to be earning daily! Claims the official website

How to Make Money on

It is stated that was developed and created by unknown Nigerian , a crypto-currency investor, forex trader, entrepreneur and real estate manager and also a team of professional traders. Emmanuel Wellington, is currently the ceo and owner of

Nevertheless  possess a group of experts, ranging from engineering to advanced computer technology. Our group of professionals is broadened in engineering techniques, developments and core technical expertise to pilot the affairs of investments platform. investments is one of the best affiliates/activity platform through legitimate systematic social activity. Get onboard the smartest and cheapest newly launched Earning platform in Nigeria for Nigerians.


How much can I earn on



You can earn between ₦20,000 to ₦50,000 every month on a regular basis with substantial earning process by just sharing viral posts, login daily and refers or invites friends and family to join the platform and earn referral bonus, it has great review systems and  fast PAYOUTS.

When will I get paid or withdraw on ? claim to have a  Payment Team fast-track PAYOUTS in less than a few hours every week to make sure their Members withdraw and get paid in less than 24 hours.

Now it the time to get onboard – a smart web platform that’s come to ‘replace’ your idleness, leisure time and relaxation time to cash. Yes we mean it and you can take our word for it – To CASHOUT.



 Three ways to earn money on 


Daily Logging In: Members earns 100 naira or 1000 stips by login in daily on the


Sharing Viral Post: – By doing this activity, you earn 2500 STIPS (₦250) daily by sharing viral post to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Whatsapp Status.

Referral bonus on Referral: When you REFER your friends and family to You instantly earn 40% commission. would pay you 3000 STIPS (₦300) for anyone who joins platform through you. 


The more persons you refer, the more revenues you would be making.  For instance, you refers 20 persons to in a day, you would be earning, let’s say 3000 Stips × 20 = 60,000 STIPS which is equivalent to ₦6,000. REFERRAL Earning is paid out to our members anytime as far as you have reached the minimum withdrawal of 15,000 STIPS (₦ 1,500).


1000 STIPS = 100 naira

60,000 STIPS = 6,000 naira


Who can join


Anyone can join and register on investments platform to start making money online  wherever you are base in Nigeria. claims that Student, Employer, Unemployed, Blogger, Social media influencers etc can join. The good thing about program is that.


Advantages of


No membership level


Referral is optional


Payment is fast


Instant activation of account


Cheapest registration fee 700 naira only

How to make money on


There are various ways to earn money on investments platform. The are classified as follows below:

Registration bonus is N300


When you share sponsored post, you are rewarded with  N250 daily


Daily login, N100 


When you refer anyone to the program, you get N300 per referral you refers.

Referrals Minimum Withdrawals or cashout on 


The CEO stated on the official website that before any member proceeds for Referral Withdrawal on, he or she has to earn a minimum amount of (N1,500) only.



There is no Maximum Referral Withdrawal on, you can withdraw as much as you have made on investments.



before you become a member on, you must either buy a COUPON CODE from any verified vendors on the platform.


 If you have already gotten a COUPON CODE from any of verified vendors, insert the coupon code you have bought in the space provided coupon code box and proceed for registration.

 Note: Don’t change any letter or number on coupon code.

Your packages on expires after 30 days which means that you have to renew your packages plans every month.

Click Here to Buy COUPON Code from Verified Coupon Distributors for your Account Registration. N700 only STIPS => ₦AIRA  Conversion Rate


What is STIPS?


STIPS are earnable points for your general activities which are used to award you earnings on the platform which is later converted to local currency in order to pay you to your BANK Upon your Withdrawal.

1000 STIPS = N100, 2000 STIPS = N200, 5000 STIPS = N500, 10000 STIPS = N1,000 and 15,000 STIPS = N1,500.

Features of 

Android App Supported


Easy, Fast and User friendly interface.


Active and Supportive Customer Care Services.


24/7 Support assistance.


Fast Withdrawal Payout Dispensation.


Cheap Membership Fee


High Earnings.


Website Ads Free


Take a bold step and Join and Register Now. Systems is hosted on ultra superb fast-loading servers (NameCheap Inc.) so network issues and upgrades are not gonna be an issue to our esteemed members.

Get onboard! Register Now for only ₦700 and change your income status on daily basis. Register 


Go to 


Input your names and password 


Select your country code +234 phone number and input your phone number 


Create a user name and fills your social media profile 


Buy a coupon code from vendors and fill in the coupon box space.


Add your banks details and confirm your password and finally click sign up button to get started. login


Go to


Input your username and password 

Click on remember me and click login


You will be redirected to your dashboard account 

Is scam


We can’t assume investments to be a scam platform right now as they are newly launched and has Scam no one. was released on the 1st of April 2021 which can keep its promise to pay members. Minimum Registration in only 700 naira.


Is legit is a legit paying platform that was launched on 1st of April 2021, anyone can join with 700 naira only and get paid in time. 

Minimum withdrawals/cashout on 


Your minimum withdrawals after seven days is only 1,500 naira with investments platform.


Once your Activity Balance is  15,000 Stips or above you can request for withdrawal  (Activity Cashout is every 7 days which means you only withdraw after 7days you have)  (No Maximum Withdrawal, 


you can withdrawal more than minimum). Thus the minimum points WITHDRAWAL on is 15,000 stips which is equivalent to 1,500 naira.

What is COUPON CODE and  How Can I get coupon? Coupon Code is a new payment method for instant approval without delay. This is a combination of Alpha-Numeric Characters in the form of code that you need to purchase from verified COUPON CODE distributors and apply on the registration page. 

Once you have registered your account, simply go to our COUPON CODE DISTRIBUTORS and purchase your COUPON CODE

How Can I Make Payment for Coupon Code And Which Payment Method Is Allowed?


Members make payment for COUPON CODE either by purchasing CODE from verified vendors or distributors or Paying online using PayStack Gateway.

I Don’t Have A Personal Bank Account, Can I Receive My PAYMENTS Through anyone Account?


According to it’s ’s up to you, they will send your share earnings to the bank account you provided in your profile or when making a withdrawal. So if you feel, using your friend’s Bank account, or that your Relative’s Bank account is safe. Then go ahead and input it.


How Can I Share  Viral Post To Earn VIRAL POST Earnings?


From your dashboard menu, click on “Share Viral Post” then Download Image and Copy Text are your Facebook. Goto your Facebook and create post. (Make sure its been made public).

And then come back and CLAIM your Reward. Earning without sharing will lead to banning of account or delay in payment.

How Can I Refer someone To and Earn Commission?


Once you have registered successfully, a referral link will automatically be generated for you with your account id. 


On your dashboard menu, click on ” Activity Earnings” check below, you will see your referral link, copy it out and start using it to refer your friends and family.

Is it mandatory to refers on before I can get paid?


It is not mandatory or must refer before you can earn with You can earn without Referrals as they pay its Members without Referrals.

I Referred Someone to And My Account Wasn’t Credited With Referral Commission. Why?


This happens when the person you introduced to refuses to use your referral link.

 Is it compulsory to Share Viral Post On Social media?


YES! You must share VIRAL POST on Facebook,  WhatsApp or Twitter otherwise, you won’t be paid.

Must I Update my WhatsApp Group link?


YES! Its compulsory you do this to lift the brand of It also helps you to gain referrals quickly and boost you up when you wish to cash out. 


Once they observe you have created a WhatsApp Group, add your friends and family to the WhatsApp Group, Add Number 09017586807 

as an admin of the group, anytime you request for payouts, you would be the very first member to get paid as they will pay you faster than a normal member. WHATSAPP GROUP MANAGEMENT


Every Member is expected to create a WhatsApp Group. Use images as the Group Picture and name is Investments.


Add as many Friends and Family Members to your WhatsApp Group, update your friends about, share you alert screenshots and encourage them to join.


 Talk about in your group very well and share your Referrals links for them to join through you. Up to ₦50,000 weekly is easy, through your WhatsApp Group is achievable.

Update your WhatsApp Group Link to your Account


 > Dashboard > MEMBERSHIP SETTINGS > HOME > WhatsApp Group Link > SAVE PROFILE


Who is the CEO of investments?


The name of the CEO or owner of is called: Emmanuel Wellington. Who claims to be experts in internet marketing and investments.


CEO profile image below 

When was launched 


Alots of members would like to know when this platform was created. So as the day of writing this reviews. was launched early April 1st 2021.



How do you feel of this world reviews don’t forget to Comment down and share this post to your what’s group as this includes all steps and reviews to join investments platform pros and cons.

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