Happy earn h5.happyearnty.com Review Scam or Legit signup Login how it works

Happy earn h5.happyearnty.com Review Scam or Legit signup Login how it works




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Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) claims to offers people Easy ways to make money Online through investment in happyearn funds, deposits and VIP membership plans.

They insist that user should buy happyearn fund can withdraw to their  bank after reaching minimum withdrawals. Let continue deeply about this platform. First of all we thank you for reading this review because the truth of About Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) is about to be exposed. Also at the end of this Review we will present you a Legit money making platform free of charge.


To make cool cash online is now hard in this days of scamming platform, many platform are launched day by day just to take advantage of its users by asking them to complete tasks which can only benefits the site owner, if he or she runs sponsorship ads or affiliates ads  the owner can pay fews users in return of what he or she earns from ads revenue.

 In some case the owner might decide not to pay any members, unless they upgrade to premium plan with real money. So it’s hard for us to trust new launch platform or invest our money into them. We at fileuplod.com always recommends  users to check online reviews of any platform related to pay per tasks  or pay per viewing  ads. 


We decided to review this a new investment platform called Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) in which we are going to give you all the necessaries  details  we know  regarding  this new pay per referrals platform. 

 This new platform giving you R25 rands zar as Registration bonus. You also earns money whenever someone signup through your link.

with our  reviews. Learn how to make money on Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) investment  or ponzi platform, know the requirements  to join the platform. You only need an active phone number to get started. We at fileuplod.com welcome you to our website and don’t forget to follow us on telegram.

Many of South Africans still believe that it’s impossible to make money online and some are even wandering seeing you holding phones daily without knowing what you are doing. Some thinks you are wasting your time instead of finding physical jobs you can do. This is something we are all victims of. Well the world is changing and technology is advancing to next levels. 


Actually the Five most richest people in the world who are Elon musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, mark Zuckerberg and finally Jack ma of Alibaba all depends on online money to make a living. This people are worth more than 140 billion dollars


So use this as a motivation that online money is an immense opportunity for those that knows how it works. Well enough of the talking and motivation. Let get to why you are here. You want to know what is happyearnty platform all about. Presentation. How it works and many more. Once again thanks for following.



Find out wether Is Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) legit,

Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) login,

happyearnty login, and many more.

About Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) company 


Online payment is under maintenance, recharge select manual recharge Deposit and Withdrawal Problem


1. If I deposit an amount of money into wallet balance, can I withdraw it?


Members are allowed to withdraw as long as the balance goes beyond the minimum withdrawal amount.


2. what is minimum required balance?


Once you deposit the sufficient amount to reach the minimum amount, members are allowed to do the tasks according to his VIP rank immediately.


Members are allowed to withdraw the balance at any time including the daily task bonus and the money you have deposited for required minimum balance, but you can’t do the tasks anymore when there is no sufficient required balance.


For example, if members upgrade to VIP1


if members spend 30 on upgrading to VIP1, 30 will be the cost for membership of VIP1, 30 will be deducted from your balance as for the cost or another possibility is that 840 will be the expenditure deducted from your online payment directly if you don’t have sufficient balance to pay.


Members in VIP1 cannot do the tasks if there is less than 140 in your balance for required amount in the balance, only if members deposit sufficient amount up to 140 into the balance, at the meanwhile maintain the money in the balance, after that, members are allowed to do VIP1 daily tasks.


For example2, if members upgrade to VIP2


if members spend 240 on upgrading to VIP2, 240 will be the cost for membership of VIP2, 240 will be deducted from your balance as for the cost or another possibility is that 240 will be the expenditure deducted from your online payment directly if you don’t have sufficient balance to pay.


Members in VIP2 cannot do the tasks if there is less than 485 in your balance for required amount in the balance, only if members deposit sufficient amount up to 485 into the balance, at the meanwhile maintain the money in the balance, after that, members are allowed to do VIP2 daily tasks.


3. what is the requirements on your withdrawal?


VIP members can bind their own bank account on the app to perform withdrawal operations.


Withdrawal opening hours are from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm, Members are allowed to initiate a withdrawal only once a day.


Minimum withdrawal amount: R.140 for Free VIP, R.60 for VIP1, R.120 for VIP2, R.435 for VIP3, R.1325 for VIP4, R.2165 for VIP5.


The payment channels charged 15% of the minimum outward remittances for government tax and application programming interface(API) and currency exchange in each time at Western Union service. In order to ensure the safety of your funds and speed up your withdrawal time, Happy earn uses the most secure encrypted wallet channel in the world. Beyond that, Happy earn dose not charge members any other fees


Members will not pay 15% of total withdrawal amount for initiating a withdrawal, only if the withdrawal fails. Once the withdrawal amount goes back to your wallet balance, you should initiate again.


For example, if a member initiate a R.1000 withdrawal, there will be 1000*15%=R.150 fee, he or she will get R.850.


Members are allowed to use a bank account which is not their own to withdraw balance, but you cannot reuse the used bank account to bind with other new Happy earn accounts, because one bank account can be used only for an Happy earn account,


4. When does the payment arrive after withdrawal?


Withdrawal from Monday to Thursday on weekdays will be credited to the account within 24 hours.


From Friday to weekend, withdrawals will be credited to the account till the next Monday.


5. I use online banking to deposit and transfer successfully, but why hasn’t my member wallet received yet?


Because Happy earn currently uses payment channels from many global banks, and each bank has a different processing time for payment, this will cause arrival delay at some members’ wallets.


Please be patient. If your money has not arrived to your deposit account within 24 hours after the successful transfer, please contact the customer service specialist of Happy earn immediately to verify on Whatsapp


The customer service specialist of Happy earn will manually transfer funds to your personal appointed bank account after successfully verifying with you.


6.If you use an ATM to transfer funds, will the deposit’s arrival time be slower than other deposit channels?


The bank’s processing time for ATM transfer is generally within 24 hours, so compared to other top-up methods, ATM transfers will be slower. Please wait patiently.



If you encounter any problems, please contact customer service in time.


7. Why will my withdrawal application be rejected?


When you apply for withdrawal, our system will automatically verify your identity to ensure that there is no repeated use of user information.


At the same time, the system will automatically verify the bank account you filled with our cooperative bank to ensure that your withdrawal can be safely received by you.


Once the system finds that the bank account information you have filled in is incorrect, the system will automatically reject your withdrawal request.


If you encounter this kind of problem, you can check your user and bank account information first. If anyone of them is wrong, please modify it immediately and then withdraw again. If you are sure that all information is correct, please contact the customer service specialist of Happy earn immediately for help.


8. How to sign up as a VIP member?


Happy earn provides VIP membership service ranked as Free VIP, VIP 1, VIP 2, VIP 3, VIP 4,VIP 5.


New registered members will be ranked as Free VIP with a withdrawal amount of R.700 as complimentary gift that will be added in the wallet balance once registered.


Each rank of VIP corresponds to a different number of tasks per day, as well as a different amount of bonus for each task.


The higher rank of your VIP, the more bonus you will earn, as well as a higher rate of return for each task.


9. Can members reuse an identity to sign with Happy earn?


Of course not, the VIP system helps to expand the agent team by sharing with friends, Happy earn must ensure that our customer’s advertising is effective without repetitive IP address recorded and risk controlled by all social networking platforms.


10. Why dose the tasks can be automatically completed only by click the “Auto Process” button?


Happy earn’s USP is our creative-led approach to influencer marketing. we always begin with the brand’s core problem or challenge and devise a clear creative strategy to solve this, aligned to relevant KPIs. Only then are relevant influencers identified through our CRM tool, Happy earn Insights. This ensures that the brand message and campaign execution is truly authentic from the influencers who amplify it and deliver a true ROI against the campaign objective. As such, they are able to guarantee results against the KPIs.


Happy earn team builds a task blockchain through the application of big data technologies, the system maintains a billion database of token ID of worldwide people allowed to complete the task on social networking platforms, a transaction will be generated immediately after the “Auto button” being clicked.


Transactions on the Happy earn blockchain network are approved by a network of thousands of computers and phones of members. This removes almost all human involvement in the verification process, resulting in less human error and an accurate record of information. Happy earn Blockchain does not store any of its information in a central location. Instead, the blockchain is copied and spread across a network of computers and phones of members. Happy earn ensure the decentralization, efficiency, privacy, security of all transactions generated by each task, no personal information revealed.


11. How does Happy earn Group make profit to share with members?


Happy earn is well designed for social media influencers on social networking platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, we help to increase followers and enhancing their overall online influences by making daily headlines.


Happy earn provides pre-paid charging services for customers longing to be “hot” on the research, such as video bloggers, movie stars, musicians, gamers, athletes, social celebrities and influential content creators across dozens of industries both exclusively and non exclusively.


Happy earn Group unite with 10 million of members together towards a common goal: Earning money from the worldwide rich! as members, you will be rationally remunerate as reward for completing tasks as like, comment, share, subscribe, watching appointed videos on social networking platforms.

According to what we found on the official website.

What is Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com)


happyearn is a ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme platform that allows members to make money through investment. A ponzi can only pay whenever you invite few members to signup and invest on the platform in some case they don’t pay so it’s highly risky. We advise you not to join.



How to make money on Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com)

To get started on happyearnty is as easy as ABCD. First go to official website. Create a new account with your phone. And password. You can start making money in many ways. Doing tasks such as liking Facebook or tiktok post. Watching YouTube videos also you earn whenever someone Register through your link.

How to invite or refers members on Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) referral program?


happyearnty claims to pays members R1.2 per referral according to the website language. You can start inviting friends by navigating to “Invitation” page Click on Invite then copy and share your link. It state, Earn 1.2 Zar for every qualified referral to happyearnty, plus each referral will get R25 as sign-up bonus.


Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) VIP membership plans


Free VIP


Daily Revenue:(R) 2.4

Daily Task Nums:2

Completed Task Nums:2

Required Balance:(R)25




Daily Revenue:(R) 12

Daily Task Nums:3

Completed Task Nums:0

Required Balance:(R)140




Daily Revenue:(R) 65

Daily Task Nums:5

Completed Task Nums:0

Required Balance:(R)485



Daily Revenue:(R) 216

Daily Task Nums:8

Completed Task Nums:0

Required Balance:(R)1700




Daily Revenue:(R) 756

Daily Task Nums:12

Completed Task Nums:0

Required Balance:(R)4850




Daily Revenue:(R) 1095

Daily Task Nums:15

Completed Task Nums:0

Required Balance:(R)8500

When was Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) launched 

Before knowing when was the platform launched first you must know when was the website created. Thus according to our founding. happyearnty was founded or launched earlier June 25, 2021. Which can mark this platform to be new but that doesn’t mean it’s Legit.

How much can I make with Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com)

I can’t say exactly how much you will be able to make on this website. It can be a dream come through if you are able to make even R1000 SA Rands on with their happyearn funds strategies or referral methods. but nevertheless this is another scam website that was founded to make money from your efforts via users investment.


Alibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Registered On:
Expires On:
Updated On:
Name Servers:


Who is the CEO or founder of Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) investment


We don’t know who created the Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) website. The platform is not related to any existing platform. The owner is unknown which mark the platform as fake. However its uses same script similar to Bamboo globalization and stepworkstime of Nigeria 



Is Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) Legit

Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) is not Legit website it’s 100% scam platform because this is a ponzi scheme and ponzi are fraudulent strategies.


Is Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) scam


Yes happyearnty is a scam platform the fact that this platform is paying R1.2 per referrals and R25 per signup bonus mark this website suspicious and the website is very new.

Registration Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com)


Go to http://h5.happyearnty.com

Register with a phone number 

Create a password 

Invitation code: 300962

Then Create your account to Login to your dashboard 


Login Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com)


Go to Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) Login page and input your Registered phone number address and password to Login to the platform.



How to withdraw on Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com)

Once you have reached the minimum withdrawals of Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) you can withdraw to your bank account.


 Anyway this platform is scam. Beware. If it’s not scam someone should prove me wrong by commenting on this post. In fact this platform is own by stepworktime the one that recently crashed with many Nigerians money.


Happyearn support contact address 

A WhatsApp icon is floating in the right side of the website. Click on it to contact them.

Download happyearn app apk


Android app for Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com) 

Happy earn download app here

Conclusion on Happy earn (h5.happyearnty.com).


We thrive to bring money making opportunities to our beloved readers, however we advise you not to invest your time  on happyearnty platform because it’s  not going to pay. Meanwhile you can make money with taskbae.com. It’s 100% Legit try it out.


happyearn video
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