reviews scam or Legit Registration Login how it works reviews scam or Legit Registration Login how it works claims to be a social leading platform that offers many ways to make money Online through investment in funds, deposits and VIP membership plans.



They insist that user should buy fund can withdraw to their  bank after reaching minimum withdrawals. Let continue deeply about this platform. First of all we thank you for reading this review because the truth of About is about to be exposed. Also at the end of this Review we will present you a Legit money making platform free of charge.



To make real money online is now hard in 21st century where many  scamming platform are launched day by day just to take advantage of its users by asking them to complete tasks which can only benefits the site owner, if he or she runs sponsorship ads or affiliates ads  the owner can pay fews users in return of what he or she earns from ads revenue.



 In some case the owner might decide not to pay any members, unless they upgrade to premium plan with real money. So it’s hard for us to trust new launch platform or invest our money into them. We at always recommends  users to check online reviews of any platform related to pay per tasks  or pay per viewing  ads. 


We have decided to review this a new investment platform called in which we are going to give you all the necessaries  details  we know  regarding  this new pay per referrals platform. 

 This new platform giving you R3 zar as  daily revenue. You also earns money whenever someone signup through your link. The minimum withdrawal of  is only R60.



with our  reviews. Learn how to make money on investment  or ponzi platform, know the requirements  to join the platform. You only need an active phone number to get started. We at welcome you to our website and don’t forget to follow us on telegram.



Many of South Africans still believe that it’s impossible to make money online and some are even wandering seeing you holding phones daily without knowing what you are doing. Some thinks you are wasting your time instead of finding physical jobs you can do. This is something we are all victims of. Well the world is changing and technology is advancing to next levels. 


Actually the Five most richest people in the world who are Elon musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, mark Zuckerberg and finally Jack ma of Alibaba all depends on online money to make a living. This people are worth more than 130 billion dollars. 


So use this as a motivation that online money is an immense opportunity for those that knows how it works. Well enough of the talking and motivation. Let get to why you are here. You want to know what is platform all about. Presentation. How it works and many more. Once again thanks for following.


Find out wether Is legit, login, login, and many more.



About company company background


We don’t know much on south Africa ponzi but we have existence company named we want to inform you that the new



According to what we found on the official website.



What is is a ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme platform that allows members to make money through investment. A ponzi can only pay whenever you invite few members to signup and invest on the platform in some case they don’t pay so it’s highly risky. We advise you not to join.


How to make money on

To get started on is as easy as ABCD. First go to official website. Create a new account with your phone. And password. You can start making money in many ways. Doing tasks such as liking Facebook or tiktok post. Watching YouTube videos also you earn whenever someone Register through your link.


The free task is only one day. When your balance reaches R10, you can withdraw money. If you want to get more commissions, you can invite subordinates, invite a subordinate to complete the task and withdraw money, then you can get R10 and invite 20 subordinates. Can get R200, when the balance reaches R200, you can complete the VIP1 mission


You can recharge as VIP1 after you experience completing tasks and withdrawing money, and becoming a VIP allows you to complete tasks every day. If you don’t want to invest you can get commission by sharing



How to invite or refers members on referral program?


Each new user can complete 2 orders in the experience area for free and can earn R10. When your subordinate completes an order, you also get a commission for the completed order.


Level 1 subordinate 100%


Level 2 subordinate 20%


Level 3 subordinate 10%


The commission for completed orders in the Experience Zone will be credited to your subordinate’s account only after your subordinate has successfully withdrawn.


And you can earn commission by sharing, just invite 20 subordinates and let them complete the task and withdraw, you can earn R200 VIP membership plans



VIP RULES has 10 different VIP levels which are from Free VIP to VIP 9. 



How to unlock the VIP level?



Each VIP level requires for different guaranteed balance, when the amount of your balance reaches to the guaranteed balance that required by the corresponding VIP level, the system will unlock this VIP level for you automatically. On the other hand, when your balance is less than the guaranteed balance that required by the VIP level, your VIP level will downgrade to the corresponding VIP level.



Click on each VIP level to know more details about benefits and requirements of unlocking VIP level. The higher VIP level your are on, the more daily task income you will earn. Make a calculation of how much you need to pay to the corresponding VIP level, and make a payment to to unlock the VIP level immediately.



When your subordinate agents make payment to unlock VIP level, you will get 2.00%-4.00% commission of the amount that they paid.


For Example,

If you are on Free VIP level, you will get 2.00% commission of the amount that they paid.


If you are on VIP 1 level or higher, you will get 4.00% commission of the amount that they paid.



Free VIP


Daily income: 12.00


Monthly income: 360.00










Daily income: 36.00


Monthly income: 1080.00










Daily income: 72.00


Monthly income: 2160.00










Daily income: 144.00


Monthly income: 4320.00










Daily income: 288.00


Monthly income: 8640.00










Daily income: 576.00


Monthly income: 17280.00










Daily income: 1152.00


Monthly income: 34560.00










Daily income: 2304.00


Monthly income: 69120.00










Daily income: 4608.00


Monthly income: 138240.00










Daily income: 9216.00


Monthly income: 276480.00



When was launched 


Before knowing when was the platform launched first you must know when was the website created. Thus according to our founding. was founded or launched earlier June 25, 2021. Which can mark this platform to be new but that doesn’t mean it’s Legit.



How much can I make with


I can’t say exactly how much you will be able to make on this website. It can be a dream come through if you are able to make even R1000 SA Rands on with their funds strategies or referral methods. but nevertheless this is another scam website that was founded to make money from your efforts via users investment.


Who is the CEO or founder of investment


We don’t know who created the website. The platform is not related to any existing platform. The owner is unknown which mark the platform as fake. However its uses same script similar to Bamboo globalization and stepworkstime of Nigeria 


Is Legit is not Legit website it’s 100% scam platform because this is a ponzi scheme and ponzi are fraudulent strategies.


Is scam


Yes is a scam platform the fact that this platform is paying R1.2 per referrals and R25 per signup bonus mark this website suspicious and the website is very new.





Go to


Register with a phone number 

Create a password 

code invitation: 1058941

Then Create your account to Login to your dashboard 




Go to


 Login page and input your Registered phone number address and password to Login to the platform.


How to withdraw on

Once you have reached the minimum withdrawals of you can withdraw to your bank account.

Therefore, you can only get commissions through subordinates. When you recruit a subordinate to complete the task and withdraw money, you will get R10, and recruit 20 subordinates to get R200.



 Anyway this platform is scam. Beware. If it’s not scam someone should prove me wrong by commenting on this post. In fact this platform is own by stepworktime the one that recently crashed with many Nigerians money. contact address 

A WhatsApp icon is floating in the left side of the website. Click on it to contact them.



Download app apk


Android app for 



Conclusion on


We thrive to bring money making opportunities to our beloved readers, however we advise you not to invest your time  on platform because it’s  not going to pay. Meanwhile you can make money with It’s 100% Legit try it out.


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