Who is Kacou Philippe? Book of Prophet Kacou

Who is Kacou Philippe? Book of Prophet Kacou

Who is kacou Philippe? Find out now about kacou Phillippe biographies. Book of kacou Philippe and his mysterious Vision.

Who is kacou Phillippe

I, Kacou Philippe, slave of Jesus Christ,I do not cease to invite you to wisdom. Do not commit the same sins of Israel against the prophets, of Rome against the saints. By cursing me, by calling me a demon, an antichrist, and what I preach a nivaquine preaching … know that it is to God that you do it. I was pagan and on April 24, 1993, by a vision, I received the commission and the next day while I was sitting with my family, I was transported in vision into a totally desert country and I received the commission to preach the judgment.

And it is after these two visions that I went to church for the very first time. And if you cannot, at least, take the Bible to contradict what I preach, stay quiet! Do not load yourselves with curses! [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. I have never been in a seminary or in a bible training, I do not read the books of your so-called Christian bookstores, for He who sent me is with me.

God is sovereign! He can use whom He wants and if you are a child of God, you are bound to recognize this. At the beginning of the church, He leaves the apostles and the disciples filled with the Holy Spirit and goes and chooses Saul of Tarsus, a persecutor of the Christians to speak to the whole earth. And on April 24, 1993, this same God chose a pagan that I was for the Salvation of mankind. If you are a child of God, what will you say if not: “Oh God, may your will be done.

Kacou.145:8 And because of money, no one gives himself time for God. The golden calf has defeated the tables of the law. The nations and religions have become disciples and apostles of money. The most powerful god on earth is money. It is for money that mankind studies, thinks, travels, works, marries, fights, obeys and suffers. For money people despise, fight and kill one another. For money, man sacrifices his dignity and honour. It is in the name of money that one decides.

Kacou.145:14 For money, you leave your homes before sunrise and you return after sunset. There is no place and time for God in your lives. What will you say to God at the last judgment? And how many Muslims have read at least Sahih al-Bukhari and al-Muslim? Out of a hundred, you won’t get two. To love God with all your heart, soul, and mind is a commandment of God. And if you love God, you will not be locked up in your belief, but you will seek God everywhere and He will allow you to find Him. But you are in the alienation of money and the religions.

Kacou.146:10 But you follow two masters: God and money. You sell cars and land. You invest in real estate and travel agencies. You insure yourselves to have retirement pensions like civil servants. Some leave their ministry because of financial difficulties because they came to serve God for money. So where is your love and faithfulness to God? And when all your church members leave you, you stop preaching. If it wasn’t for money, you wouldn’t be fasting and talking about God.

Kacou 144:77 Salvation is neither in a religion nor in the application of a holy book, but through the living rasul of your time and this rasul for your time, it is I who speak to you. And you, Muslim or Arab, today, October 29, 2020, I have given you a new salat. This Message is the new salat that God gives you for your Salvation and which should be your zakat for all of your parents and for all those you love.

Kacou 129: 25 O God of grace and mercy, after seven days, which are the seven ages, spent out of the camp of Israel and the nations according to Leviticus 14, on this eighth day, the lepers must also come back into the camp to be purified, made white and refined.

And this is why You visit Africa and the earth through a black prophet. O God, remember all the blacks scattered across the earth. Remember that when you send Elijah and Moses to Israel, you will save from every tribe of Israel.

That is why, remember also the black Africans, the black Americans, the black Brazilians, the Polynesians, Cubans, Jamaicans, Haitians, Martinicans and all the Antilleans and the blacks deported and dispersed and migrating all over the world. Make the black race also know God for the first time.


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