How to earn Unlimited points on Boomplay that can be redeem as airtime

How to earn Unlimited points on Boomplay that can be redeem as airtime

What is Boomplay App

Boomplay app is one of  best entrainment app that can be use for playing of songs, watching of videos, downloading  both music and videos using the app. 

As these activities are been carried out using the app, it allows lovers of music to earn points for using the app. 



How It Works

After downloading the latest version of the app, next you sign up using your phone number,

a verification code will be sent to the number you use to sign up, or you will be ask if the code should be sent to your whatsapp depend on your choice. 

After confirmation your good to go

And you start earning points immediately through the following:


  • Download Music 
  • Watching of videos 
  • Listening to songs
  • Likes and comment 


Music Download

Alot of music can be downloaded using Boomplay app, and it’s safe and fast all you need to do is search for the music you wish u download,

and also remember by doing this you are also earning good points for yourself without stress. 



Watching Of Videos 

Whole lot of Videos can be watched using Boomplay app, all you need to do is serach for the video,

Either locally which are the videos you already stored in your device, or you choose to stream which can also be used to earn a whole lot of points.



Listening To Favorites Songs

Littening to songs on Boomplay app, these is another ways of earning massive points on the app, why doing what you like doing best and also earn cash it’s really awesome i must say. 





Comment And Likes

Making comments and liking on new songs or videos uploaded on the app is another way of earning points on the app


Besides watching video listening to songs reading and commenting on Boomplay articles, plus other activities
Boomplay app also has daily  login points been rewarded to users, the points earned is use to redeem your favorite gifts and Airtime Coupons. 
After accumulating your points that is up to the minimum withdrawal which is 800 points, it can then be converted to airtime or gift cards. 
Withdrawal is made every Fridays of the week. 

Thanks for reading. 

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