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Wow197 is a platform that gives credits to their users for performing specific tasks on their site. Wow197 is also a platform that offers investors high returns on investment. They also have an option for taking a loan up to the tune of R6,000,000 with low interest rates. Review



Who is the CEO founder of Wow197:


To the best of my knowledge the founder or owner is unknown. There is no mention of the founder or anything pertaining to it in the entirety of their website.

Based on my knowledge observation on the site, is that the founder is a south African and it seems that the site is created and designed for only south Africans.




How to register Wow197:


To sign up on wow197, go your favourite browser on your phone and type and search their url and you will be taken to their homepage, sign up with the following details like your name, surname, phone number which should be 9 digits, password, confirm your passwood, then input your referral code from the person who referred you. Tap the register button and you will be registered successfully.




Wow197 register


How to login on wow197:


just go to the site and click on the login button and put your phone number and the password you used in registration. And you will be successfully taken to your dashboard where you see the 100 free credits credited to your account for being a new user of wow197.

Wow197 login link



How to make money on wow197:

You can make huge amounts of money if you are serious and hardworking on the site. There are many ways you can make your money on wow197. They are listed below:




1. Sign up bonuses: You get 100 credits point after you successfully registered, which is worth R100

2. Daily Check in: Each blessed day, you check it on wow197, your account is credited with R5 daily. Just imagine checking in every day for 30 days that is over R150 monthly for you.

3. Raising dogs for earning cash: On wow197, you can buy dogs and raised it and you get paid.

4. Play lucky game to win Jackpots: Wow197 has a provision to play jackpot or lucky game with the money in your wow account. According to the site, If you are lucjt to win the lucky game, you are entitled to 9 tines the money,you used in play the game. And if you are super lucky and if you hit the jackpot on wow197, you will be a millionaire.




5. Referral commission: wow197 has a way of paying their users who referred users to the site with their referral code. Anytime someone signs up on wow197, it is a must that he will input his referral code. You earn R5 for anybody you refer and also 5% of their deposits for life on any money they deposits on wow197.

6. Investment team: if you can form a team of investors who will pool their funds on wow197. You earn to 5% to 10% of your team money. Team 1 ranges from R5000 to R9990, you will get 5% commission Team 2 ranges from R10,000 to 19,000, you will get 8% commission for team 2. Team 3 funds ranges from 20,000 and above. Your commission is 10% of your team 3 funds.

There are 3 options for you to raise dogs and get paid. Wow197 has 3 types of dogs, you can buy and get profits. The three dogs available for sale are Malinois, Husky and Shepherd dogs. Each of this dog has different prices and daily income you can acquire to you wow197 account.


Wow197 membership plans



: wow197 does not membership plans or levels. What they have is Raising dogs for cash where they have 3 different grades or categories of dogs you can buy.

Malinois dog plan: you buy this dog with R350 and the daily feeding is R1. Your daily income is R48 which can be accumulated and your monthly income is R1400

Husky dog: This grade requires you to pay R700 to train your dog and your daily income is R100 and your monthly income profit is R3,000

Shepherd dog: This is the premium and the most expensive plan. You can start by buying the dog for R1440 and your profit is R210 and R6300 monthly.


How to deposit money on wow197:


Before you make deposits or withdrawal, you should first of all add your bank account details which is your bank account name, bank name and account name.

After adding your bank account, go ahead and download Masterpass app from play store, add your bank ATM card details to the app. After that proceed to the wow197 site and go to the payment page which is topup on the site and get the QR code of your collection account, or put the number below the QR code and input the amount you want to deposit and after that put the transaction number or masterpass Reference Number to complete your payment. Minimum amount to deposit is R100


How to withdraw your money:



When ever you want to withdraw your month, just tap on wallet, you will see an option for Cash out and Top up, tap on cash out and input the amount you want to want to withdraw, it will accredited to your bank account. You will have to wait for up to 8hours to 48 hours for it to be verified by them before payout.



Is wow197 legit or scam:


From all indications, this website seems to be legit, as people are cashing out daily and monthly from wow. I will advice you to try out this

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